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American Trucks & Lowboy Pack v1
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American Trucks & Lowboy Pack v1

Hello. This is an American Mod Pack that includes the following mods:
Kenworth 900A
Features: Engine Brake, detailed interior, exterior, Air Hoses, full lighting, and more.
Kenworth T800 Grain Truck
Features: 3rd Camera angle for box view, 2 Tag Axles, Engine Brake, Animated Tarp, Fill level of 50,000 Liters, accepts wheat, barley, rape, maize, soybean, oat, sorghum, sunflower, woodChips, fertilizer, seeds, Reverse sound, particle animations, full lighting, and more.
1984 Ford Ranger
Features: Opening hood, driver and passenger side windows, opening driver and passenger doors, opening toolbox in bed, opening tailgate, mouse controlled move-able ball on hitch receiver, full lighting, etc.
Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins Dually:
Features: Good interior and exterior, opening tool box, mouse controlled move-able ball on hitch reciever, full lighting.
XL 80 MDE LowBoy Trailer
Features: Oversize option, folding wide load ramps in and out with the push of a button, strobe lights, orange oversized load flags, full lighting, ground particle animations, 3 Axles, and a detach-able neck for the truck of course. ;)

GIANTS Software, JRD84, Catfish_John1979, Corn Capital Customs

  • Name
    2016-02-13 19:42
    file does not want to download error message please fix
  • 8s49583
    2016-02-13 19:50
    Could be a corrupt download, try re-downloading the file again.
  • Hello
    2016-02-13 21:37
    Um.. I believe that is an F150 not a Ranger. The Ranger was a mid sized truck not a full sized truck.
  • 8s49583
    2016-02-13 21:39
    I'm just going off of what the mod says, I wasn't looking for perfection. ;)
  • Bs


    2016-02-13 23:43
    That is a F150 although the ranger pickup didn't come out till 83. Before that it was actually a trim package available on the f series pickups
  • Hello's a retard
    2016-02-14 00:06
    There was a Ranger back in 84. Do some reaserch before you open your mouth. They were a special Edition like the northland.
  • Who cares
    2016-02-14 00:21
    bs you are correctthe trim packages were:Ranger- Intermediate trim that added a color-keyed floor mat, extra chrome, and wood tone dash trim.you could call it. a pig in a poke. i really like it .
  • Anthony jewell
    2016-02-14 00:24
    everything works nice work
  • Hellosaretard
    2016-02-14 01:06
    Will do Dietz. Thanks for the Advise
  • 8s49583
    2016-02-14 01:52
    My name is not Travis Dietz.....
  • Guest
    2016-02-15 05:55
    theres tons of children on here, i think this mod is great, nice work 8s49583
  • Travis dietz
    2016-02-15 08:14
    Why is my name being brought up??? I have no part of this. I cant mod like that. All I can do is edits.
  • Guest
    2016-02-15 15:20
    i would like to thank catfish_john, jrd84 and corn capital customs for there awesome job and sharing with the community.
  • Name
    2016-02-15 17:29
    Dear god whats wrong with you, CCC never shares, there full of 5yr olds
  • Mack harris
    2016-02-18 03:17
    Jeremiah Donnay gave me these mods to leak, for you guys to enjoy. Since he said he quit modding. so get fuct D!!
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