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Bjorn Land  V4.2
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Bjorn Land V4.2

map has got all the animals on or near the farm.
there is now 7 different animals to look after including the following.
cows sheep chickens pigs cattle lambs chickens2.
some fields are now bigger including a new field on top of the hill near the farm animals.
new building for the wool sell place is the spinnery which is in the town area.
also fermenting silos on farm and in the bga areas.
other things on the map are the feedstore and seedsmaster,Seed and fertilizer warehouse and composting plante
water mod,wool collector.

marthu pinguar farmer andy rc-devil

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    2015-02-10 15:13
    hi trailer for the pigs lamb cattle chickens2 which is not included in the mapthe link to get the Joskin Betimax RDS 7500 trailer is http://ul.to/rp9z6pzl
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