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Black Rock Valley Finished Map By Stevie V1.2HSSMF
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Black Rock Valley Finished Map By Stevie V1.2HSSMF

This Version is the High System Spec Multifruit version.

Black Rock Valley V1.2HSSMF Finished map. Please Read This.

All V1.2 versions require the new included zip support files to be placed in your mod folder. This version uses new xml coding for many things different to previous versions.

Due to the many changes in the finished map you MUST START A NEW GAME & SAVE.

Marhu's Placeable stop milk sale is included in the zips but is only necessary if you want to stop the automatic sale of milk at midnight. If you are preppared to collect the milk before midnight each day you don't need it. The Kotte Universal Tanker Mod is needed for this.

UHT milk and the Milk Max Machine. Simply deliver the collected milk to the Milk Max at the dairy and fill the machine. It will turn on automatically and prodcuce UHT milk in barrels. The barrels can be lifted onto a trailer(See the Marhu Website for the trailer) and delivered to any of the lettuce icon's on the map for sale. The further away the more money you get. There's also a UHT sell point at the main farm and I also placed a sell trigger at the front of the dairy see yellow marker on the floor in game which is just a short loader lift. Be carefull when delivering milk to the Milk Max as the normal milk sell trigger(blue floor marker) is behind the dairy but has space to pass to the Milk Max with the tanker.

For steamed potatos see the mod pack I uploaded. There is a steamed potato store with trailer fill conveyor and digital display in the salad factory Yard. Use the Krampe SB3060 in the mod pack and haul to a sell point when demand is high for a better price. I have modified the potato steamer pallet trigger so it can be filled on either side with a pallet loader to help with production from the 2 potato washers. This place gets very busy when production is at full tilt. For compost from the potato washer I could not get the compost sell point to recognise filling from a bucket shovel. However when I filled the KrampeSB3060 with compost and tipped it at the compost sell point I did get paid. All of the machines will accept much larger quantities and run for longer periods than the placeable versions.

There are 2 versions of the map for download: The High System Spec and the Standard System Spec. The differences are the HSS spec map has higher terrain lod distance/blend, detail, tree clip and LOD and needs a good High end PC or gaming rig to view the map at it's best. The HSS version of the map was never intended to run on a standard spec PC system. The SSS version has standard settings for tree clip, lod and terrain distance and will play on lesser spec Pc systems. The actual map designs are exactly the same. You will not notice much difference when you first load the 2 versions up but once you start hiring AI you will see the FPS fall in the HSS version unless your PC system is good.

As always I can not say that the map will perform as intended on your pc system.

We are playing the High Spec version although we can only play it on medium settings with around 7-8 AI drivers before the framrate drops below 45fps. Our specs are all intel xenon quad core pc's, 8-16gb ram, Windows 7 64bit Ultimate, Nvidia 680gtx and 780gtx.
 645mb Zip. Unzip the main file and place the zips inside your mod folder.

Both map versions come with New support zips which must be placed in the mod folder along with the map file.
 Mods you will need for the map. Kotte Garrant universal tanker, Joskin Betimax RDS animal transport trailer. I have also created a BRV mod pack for the map and it's available to download of the maps Facebook Page. Link further down the description.

Maps main features.

New custom map design from scratch with nice updates in graphics.
 22 Fields 4 of which are owned from the start of the game.
 Field sizes include small, medium and large.
 Compost plant.
 Permanet Milk Triggers and a Milk Max UHT station at the dairy.
 Sell triggers for windrow's and bales at the farms, barns and garden center.
 Salad Factory with Potato washer's, steamer, storage and converyors
 Animal fattening.
 2 Farms Black Rock Farm and East Ridge Farm.
 Custom PDA
 Sageworks Saw mill plus 2 sawmills in the mountains for wood sales.
 Natural forestry trails.
 Custom Animal Zones with free range chickens, open pen sheep and fenced cows.
 Wool Pallet collector.
 New buildings and textures textures.
 Custom BGA easy tip place.
 The barns have bale destroyers and open shed tip points for Windrow.
 Transport Missions all start at the Black Rock Farm.
 4 flat lot's for placeable mods, 2 are huge. 1 medium and a small.
 A few new custom models made from the games originals for me by Luke_BK.
 Rolling fields and terrain.
 Pedestrians and Traffic.
 Rivers, lakes and waterfalls.
 Working Train at the yard.
 Sales of compost, manure, grains, beets, potatos, windrows, bales, animals, logs, pallet boards, lettuce, milk, UHT milk, steamed potatos, washed potatos and liquid manure.
 There's plenty more but you'll have to explore.

Report any issues/problems on the maps Facebook page as I don't have the time at the minute for all the sites and forum post's. Here I will see them quickly. Updates for the map will also be posted on Facebook.

Thanks to:
 Perfect08 and Jerry Taylor for testing with me.
 Mike for the YouTube video of the V1 map. His channel is:
 Farmer_Andy and Marhu for superb map mods which as always a straight forward to install.
 Robbie on FS-UK for the blank starter map.

Download the trailer, loader, baler and shovel modpack here, Link below.

Original by Giant's, Mod Map by Stevie, Special Thanks to Perfect08, Jerry Taylor, Luke_BK, Farmer_Andy and Marhu.

  • Brian
    2015-07-05 14:39
    dont work with UniversalProcessKit then:(
  • Firez34
    2015-07-05 14:41
    I haven't used UPK so I can't say. Stevie.
  • Anthu
    2015-07-05 16:02
    Cool map.But how i can download the Standard System Spec map?
  • Firez34
    2015-07-05 16:12
    The Standard System Spec version is uploading now to the Maps Face Book Page(link is in the description). It will be live in around 6 hrs time.
  • Deere
    2015-07-05 17:42
    I moved and replaced all the files, but when it says game is being loaded it never goes to where it says start. Am I doing something wrong?
  • Firez34
    2015-07-05 17:45
    Did you start a new game and not use a save from the older versions?
  • Deere
    2015-07-05 18:01
    Yes I did
  • Firez34
    2015-07-05 18:37
    You have a mod conflict then with other mods in your mod folder.
  • Deere
    2015-07-05 18:58
    Ok thanks for the help, its much appreciated
  • Firez34
    2015-07-05 19:21
    No worries Deere.
  • Warondar
    2015-07-06 11:27
    Got quite a few hours already on v1.1 but I'm more than happy to start a new game for v1.2 final version.Huge thanks Stevie. Black Rock Valley is most certainly my favorite map....well, until your next creation. hehe
  • Adcomp
    2015-07-06 12:51
    will not start. Did everything according to your directions.
  • Firez34
    2015-07-06 13:44
    ADCOMP you have a mod conflict. To test rename your current mod folder to mods 2 so you don't loose them all. Create a new mod folder and place just Black Rock Valley and it's files into it. Load the game select the map and see if it loads, It should do.
  • Warondar
    2015-07-06 21:20
    Just noticed you have a modpack, is it necessary to have it for the map to work?If so, there isn't a link just part of the http address...Download the trailer, loader, baler and shovel modpack here, Link below.https://www.btcloud.bt.com/…
  • Firez34
    2015-07-06 21:31
    click on the face book link in the description and it's on there in the first pinned post buddy. It's good stuff for the map.
  • Warondar
    2015-07-06 21:35
    Right on, will do Stevie. Thanks. Have a good week, I know I am. hehe
  • Tommy0680
    2015-07-06 23:02
    Then i have the map working with 245 installed mods/extensions.(zzz mods)So, now ill go and see if ringwoods will work with the setup as well.Thanks for a good map Stevie, keep up the good work :DPS: so far, i have the latest norgeholm and hardworkin installed as well, all starting up and running good.But, now enough writing, back to test some more maps.
  • Buster
    2015-07-06 23:13
    very good job steve thanx
  • Firez34
    2015-07-07 00:53
    Thanks Tommy and Buster. Ringwoods may still fail I had the same code setup in the early Black Rock Valley and changed it all for V1.2. I may get around to a Ringwoods Revamp but I'm working on a new project now.
  • Tommy0680
    2015-07-07 01:03
    Hi Stevie, got only 2 things you could add to BRV, palletcollector for sawmill and greenhouses.(guess you know what map that comes from:)Ringwoods final was added, and works flawless.
  • Tommy0680
    2015-07-07 02:28
    Sweet, Mr Pandahma has those two on his 2.7 map, and they made gameplay much better.But ill follow on FB and here, to see when/if you release it :)And for this map (BRV), i know one of the following mods, zzzmultimoving or zzztriggerextend, has conflicts that causes it to not load.
  • Firez34
    2015-07-07 02:47
    Ok Tommy and yes I know about the zzztriggerextend as a lad has reported that but I didn't know about the zzzmultimoving cheers for that.
  • Warondar
    2015-07-07 05:50
    Just a little screenshots with Stevie's BRV custom forage trailers in tractor/trailer color coordinated paint schemes. hehehttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=476764331
  • Firez34
    2015-07-08 17:30
    There is a new version to download with pallet movers at the salad factory and sageworks sawmill on the maps Facebook page. HSSMF only V1.2b and it runs as a separate map mod.
  • Brian
    2015-07-08 21:38
    Well done Stevie best map i've played. i can live without UPK LOL load to do
  • Firez34
    2015-07-08 22:24
    Thanks Brian you should check out what's new in the V1.2b on the maps Facebook Page.
  • Fiz


    2015-07-08 23:39
    Last line in the mod description from Stevie didn't show the full url for " Download the trailer, loader, baler and shovel modpack here, Link below.https://www.btcloud.bt.com/…"I got the link from the FB page and it's: https://www.btcloud.bt.com/?shareObject=3d1378fd-52ff-2c43-b6df-047aae85c945
  • Deere
    2015-07-13 03:49
    I notice that you cant fertilize the field's
  • Firez34
    2015-07-13 14:06
    Yes you can, some are pre fertilized and need a crop cycle before you can apply more fertilizer.
  • Firez34
    2015-07-20 19:58
    The link for this is to be removed on Wednesday 22nd of July to make way for the Final version of the map which is to be released on Friday 24th of July.
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