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Black Rock Valley HSSMF Final by Stevie. HSSMF Final
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Black Rock Valley HSSMF Final by Stevie. HSSMF Final

Balck Rock Valley High System Spec Multi Fruit final map.

~~All the information you need is here at the top, Please take time to read it.

Please make sure you delete the older version zip files and use the new zips.

Delete the older version game save. Start a new game save please, importing old data can cause problems and errors with the map.

Black Rock Valley HSSMF and SSSMF Final map versions.

Download links for the Final HSSMF and SSSMF are at the bottom of the description. Also is a link for the updated krampe trailer and liebherr shovel mods specially for the final version.

Turn plant withering off upon starting your game.

Make sure you place the support zip files into your mod folder.

Just a note first.
 There's hundreds of additions and changes to the map that may impact on your PC system in gameplay performance. Both map versions High System Spec and Standard System Spec have the exact same additions. I myself can no longer run the HSS above medium graphic settings in the options, my PC simply isn't up to it. The HSS version was never intended to be used on anything other than HIGH end or Gaming PC's with very high specs. The SSS version will run on lower spec systems though that's why I created it.

Upon first loading the map grab a vehicle and have a good drive around the whole map to cache in the areas and smooth things out. Same applies at night put the lights on and drive around the areas to cache in, then save and exit. If it doesn't smooth out upon reloading the map you need to lower the graphics settings in the options. Then Save and quit and reload the map and start playing it.

If the map won't load and you have followed the installation instructions then you have a mod conflict. To quickly check this and get the map loading do the following:
 Rename your current mod folder to say mods2 so you don't lose any of them. Create a new mod folder and copy just the Black Rock Valley map and support zips into it.
 Load the game and select the map it will now load. Then it's a case of slowly bringing your mods back into the new folder and testing the map to find which mods are conflicting it.

Also If it loads but you are having problems with the new animal fattening installations like can't get in a shed, animals poking out of doors, animals not showing in the PDA store then again this is caused by a mod conflict. The map in a folder on it's own runs flawlessly and error free. If you have these issues all you can do is find what mod/mods are conflicting with the map and keep them separated.

Some fields are pre-fertilized at the start of the game, you can not re-fertilize them until you have ran a crop cycle.

Again some fields can't be AI cultivated until you have ran a crop cycle of your own on them. If you wish to remove the crop use a seeder like the Rapid to start the new crop cycle. You can however manually cultivate them if you wish.

Chopping down trees will eventually increase your framerate.

Using one of the animal transport trailers we have noticed that the new trailers have an animal fill choice on them. With the Fliegl the choice button is on the same as the load cover and sometimes acts up so if you have changed the selection but it won't fill move off the animal fill trigger, undo the load cover and reverse back again to the trigger, select start filling and it should fill. This applies to all the animal shed fill points and the market. This is not a fault with the map.

Here's what is new, this is not a small update.

East Ridge farm is now called Falls Farm and the Flour Mill is called East Mill.

Eisbearg's Egg collector added at the main farm.

Marhu's pallet movers are installed at the dairy, sawmill, and salad factory and move produce to sell triggers. The potato washers mover auto loads the potato steamer with washed potato's

Animal Prices now showing correctly in the PDA

All animals are locked to fattening, not breeding.

A brand new fully up to date detailed PDA map was created.

Triggers on the feed store have increased depth to aid with courseplay setup.

Farm triggers have isAreaTrigger back on again to aid in course play setup but you will get prompts for great demand at the farms and this should be ignored.

Animal fattening has been upgraded from Marhu's V3 to V5 so it has new features and works better. The installations are RC-Devils new mast's and include the new animals.

Animals can be bought in store or at the market. They can be sold at CMP meats or just for something different lamb and sheep can be sold at the sheep zone. Beef and cows can be sold at the cow zone. Simply back the trailer into the new gates onto the sell triggers at the zones and hit unload when prompted to complete this. Note this simply sells the animals it does not add them to the zones.

Farmer_Andy's straw store is added next to the BHP plant up the gravel lane behind the animal market. You can store straw(not hay) at this location and it has a built in bale shredder. Loader wagons and trailer of straw are also accepted.

Farmer Andy's Pig Forage Master is added at the animal fattening along with a steamed potato heap. A new storage silo was created to store the new pig forage feed. The silo has a digital display and conveyor and embedded fill planes and unloading particles for standard buckets and trailers so the load will look correct. A shovel trigger was added to the silo tip point so you can transfer the new pig forage from the Forage Master to silo easily.(NOTE MAKE SURE YOU TIP THE SHOVEL ONTO THE TOP OF THE HEAP otherwise the load may not count, watch the readout to make sure your in the right spot).

Farmer_Andy's Beet Master beet pulp machine has been added at Falls Farm along with a new silo system complete with digital readout and conveyor. Again Fill planes and unloading particles are embedded into the map for standard vehicles carrying this product. Some sell triggers are updated for beet pulp sales.

New Forage Silo's have been added at the Marhu's Mix Station locations complete with digital displays and conveyors. Forage has been added to sell some sell triggers.

Over 100 tall spruce and fir trees have been added mainly to the forestry trails.

Fuel triggers have been updated and work with combine harvesters now.

Farmer_Andy's Seed Master has been installed at the main farm, you can fill this machine with wheat or barley and it makes Red Seed2 which can be sold or used in seeding machines. Again it has embedded fill planes and unloading particles are installed in the map.

Wash bays have been installed at each farm and can each hold 2 large vehicles and come with installed power washer machines.

Farmer_Andy's salad factory has been moved to a location between the 2 large placeable areas in the north. There's an installed potato washer and steamer which are connected with Marhu's new pallet mover. The output capacity of the washer was reduced and the steamers capacity increased so production runs smoother. The salad factory still has the pallet mover which takes produce automatically to the sell point. Everything you need is onsite, seeds, water, fuel fertilizer and potato's. The Compost output on the potato washer has been updated with the normal compost_soil fill type now and the old compost fill type deleted from the map. There is a new compost sell heap onsite with shovel tip target for selling the product.(AGAIN MAKE SURE YOU TIP THE SHOVEL ON TOP OF THE HEAP). There's still the trailer trigger in as well and this is where you sell compost from the Black Rock Valley Composting Plant. Again with the steamed potato heap when filling with the shovel make sure you hitting the top of the heap. Steamed potato also has embedded fill planes and unloading particles within the map. The original salad factory site is now a huge area for placeable mods.

Pallet movers are still in place at Marhu's Sawmill and the dairy's Milk Max machine. At the dairy the milk sell point trigger for milk from the cow zone was moved slightly.

Owned fields at the start of the new game are ready for harvest. Remember to turn plant withering off at the start of the game.

Area trigger options were removed from the farm grain unloading grids in front of the farm silo's at both farms so the unloading icon will only show when you are in position over the center of the grid.

A collision boundary now surrounds the map so player can't fall out of the area.

Natural conveyor ground makers have been created and used where needed.

The BGA sound trigger was moved back to the tip point.

1000's of small area changes and detailing have been done. The Tree clip on the HSSMF version has been reduced to 900m. The SSSMF version has had the tree clip increased by 50m.
 Some shovel and trailer mods may not show the correct fill planes or unloading particles when used in Black Rock Valley due to it having them embedded. This is caused by the mods xml fill type overriding the embedded information. The embedded information allows standard equipment to show correctly. Removing the fill type from the mods xml corrects this in the map. The fill type can be left in the mods modesc.

There's plenty more but I've just forgotten what I've had to do over the last few weeks.

The redundant GRLE files were removed and should prevent certain server errors.
 Also the seeds fill type on the main farm silo was not used in the end but the Seeds2 on the same silo was.

I hope you get many hours of fun out of Black Rock Valley and if you find any issue's phone a friend I don't want to know, Lol.


Stevie map build design, error fixing and function, Luke_BK for custom models, Jerry Taylor & Perfect08 for huge help with testing, (Marhu, Farmer_Andy, RC-Devil, Eisbearg and Nils for models, inventions and scripts) & Robbie FS_UK for the blank starter map which saves a lot of time. Also to any user who reported issues for me to fix thank you, Stevie.

End of the final update information.


Original by Giant's, Mod map Stevie, Farmer_Andy, Marhu, RC-Devil, Luke_BK, Nil's, Eisbearg, Perfect08, Farming_JT and Robbie from FS_UK.

  • Warondar
    2015-07-24 15:28
    Thanks Stevie. I know what I'm doing this weekend, just like the last BRV update came out before this one. I'll be playing the BRV map all weekend. hehe
  • Firez34
    2015-07-24 16:44
    Cheers WARONDAR the final has some nice updates. Stevie.
  • Ty352fg
    2015-07-24 17:46
    Thanks Stevie! Hope you are doing wellTy
  • Firez34
    2015-07-24 18:32
    Thanks TY hope you like the final build.
  • Arvi
    2015-07-24 19:11
    Black Rock Valley HSSMF and SSSMF Final map versions.Download links for the Final HSSMF and SSSMF are at the bottom of the description. Also is a link for the updated krampe trailer and liebherr shovel mods specially for the final version.????????????????????? Wo?
  • Firez34
    2015-07-24 19:27
    The description is from the Face Book page where they exist.
  • Eng51ine
    2015-07-24 19:50
    This was posted without the permission of the author. Stevie did not give permission for anyone to upload his mods to any websites as he was in the process of doing it himself and now can not.
  • Firez34
    2015-07-24 19:54
    Hi EN41INE they now it's me here at ModHub.US I uploaded it here for the people as I always do. The problem was at modhoster and they have sorted it all out now and it's my upload there as well. Stevie.
  • Вадим
    2015-07-24 20:31
    хрень тармазить у меня на интеле 7 что за,заборов понатыкали оптемизируйте карту нормально без модов и лагает ужастно
  • Firez34
    2015-07-24 20:34
    Попробуйте SSSMF Окончательная сборка, это находится на modhoster или на странице карты facebook. Stevie.
  • Buster
    2015-07-24 21:26
    very good job stevie thanx. in farming simulator graphics ther is bookmark set to high,and it test,s your pc performance nd gives u score. iam geting 630 on my pc can u test yours and tell me what u get thanx again .
  • Buster
    2015-07-24 22:10
    not book mark / benchmark //
  • Вадим
    2015-07-24 22:13
    А в чем разница этой и той збоки SSSMF и этой HSSMF
  • Вадим
    2015-07-24 22:23
    Ringwoods Final Map Update Fixes v1.81 тоже тупил карта пока не убрали 2 гаража и заборы везде
  • Firez34
    2015-07-24 22:29
    Hey Buster I'm having trouble with the benchmark util it get's to the end and says that I'm using unofficial settings even though I'm setting them right, High AA x4 AntisX4.
  • Firez34
    2015-07-24 22:36
    Хорошо, я использую Google Translate для этого. УСЗ имеет очень высокую расстояние клип, подробно местности и рисовать расстояние намного выше, чем стандартные карты имеют.SSS имеет стандартное отображение настроек для всех. HSS требует очень высокой конец карты / GPU компьютера или игровых установок. ССС не делает.
  • Firez34
    2015-07-24 22:38
    Ringwoods имеет карту местности и детализации на уровне, Black Rock УСЗ не поэтому стандартная система спецификации Карта была выпущена для людей, не имеющих высокого конца ПК.
  • Вадим
    2015-07-24 23:27
    Последний вопрос версия 1 и финал одинаковы
  • Firez34
    2015-07-24 23:44
    Привет, я не мог понять, Google дал плохой перевод вашего вопроса.
  • Buster
    2015-07-24 23:52
    ok thanx for trying.
  • вадим
    2015-07-24 23:52
    версии карт одинаковы по объектам находящимся на них
  • Firez34
    2015-07-25 00:01
    Да, обе карты точно такой же особенностью мудрым.ССС-прежнему выглядит очень хорошо, но УСЗ полностью обращается горы из любой карте и огромном расстоянии дерево дро.
  • Firez34
    2015-07-25 00:02
    Have you a problem with anything Buster that I can help with?
  • вадим
    2015-07-25 00:05
    Версия 1.2 нормально все отлично скачал
  • Firez34
    2015-07-25 00:10
    Нет V1.2 не что иное, как новый окончательный вариант, который был загружен сегодня.Окончательный имеет более 100 новых функций и исправлений.
  • Buster
    2015-07-25 00:14
    no every thing good thanx, enjoying updaited map keep up excellent work ..
  • вадим
    2015-07-25 10:35
    Привет раскажи как сделать oat windrow немогу понять все изъездил
  • Name
    2015-07-25 18:10
  • Name
    2015-07-25 19:39
    the off load on the water wont work
  • Firez34
    2015-07-25 20:22
    Yes it does
  • Warondar
    2015-07-25 22:57
    I've used most the load/unload trigger points and only had issue with 1 which is the 'steamed potatoes' storage next to the Forage Master at the Pig barn. Mind you I only have 6,000 in it, I can't load the telehandler with your bucket (which works at the Potato Washer plant). When I tried to 'scrape' the ground with the bucket it actually got hooked on something and flipped the [email protected]://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/fliegl-animal-trailer-pack-v-1-0/
  • Firez34
    2015-07-26 00:07
    I know that works as I have around 70000 in it and it's pulling out ok. Have you got the New Black Rock Final shovels?
  • Warondar
    2015-07-26 01:27
    Ya I do, and they do work when I use them up at the Potato Washer and Salad factory area. Only thing I can think of is it's because I only have 6,000 L in the storage so the fill plane is below the ground surface hence why I can't scoop it up with the shovel.I'm sure it works if it's filled up to the point where you see the mound.
  • вадим
    2015-07-26 04:38
    дайте программу пожалуйста я карту подредактирую для себя
  • Jake
    2015-07-26 06:15
    Does this need to be unzipped and put in to a new zipper file?
  • Firez34
    2015-07-26 13:06
    Jake the first zip file is a package yes and needs to be unzipped, Then all the files bar the readme copied into your mod folder.
  • Laurent
    2015-07-26 18:08
    problème on peux pas mettre d ouvrier dans les champ pour moissonner me répondre asse vite ta carte et bien mais la c est dommages pour rat tu me repondre merci bien
  • Firez34
    2015-07-26 18:52
    Laurent I do not take kindly to threats, figure it out yourself and I don't care about a star rating on a mod site. Stevie.
  • Name
    2015-07-26 19:03
    on peux pas mettre d ouvrier dans les champ pour moissonner mais c est pas de la menace c est une question que je te posse merci
  • Warondar
    2015-07-26 19:13
    @LaurentJe n'ai pas de problème avec mes ouvriers, mais Stevie a bien marqué dans la description que certains champs on besoin d'une rotation avant d'utiliser des ouvriers pour cultiver, et ceci peut être la cause de tes problèmes avec tes moissonneuses aussi. Quelle moissonneuse qui vous causes des problèmes?
  • Warondar
    2015-07-26 19:19
    @StevieI noticed it takes 30,000 L minimum before they are visible in the storage silo hence why I couldn't pick any up with the included shovel before. Maybe a conveyor belt could be useful at the pig barn Steamed Potatoes storage could help with that?Also, with the conveyor belts system from load/unload points, is there a way to turn them off/on?
  • Firez34
    2015-07-26 19:35
    NameLa seule chose qui arrête AI combine de travailler et il comprend Autocombine ainsi est que le ZZZ_multitfruitModuleBRV est soit pas dans le dossier ou est overided par un autre module ZZZ_multifruit dans le dossier.
  • Firez34
    2015-07-26 19:43
    WARONDAR the coordinates for the heaps movement needs adjusting by the looks of it. WE won't be doing any updates to Black Rock as we have moved on to our next 2 projects. We did have a conveyor on that heap in testing but removed it as it got in the way when filling the mast. The only way to turn the belts off would be to remove them from the map, they have no disable function.
  • Laurent
    2015-07-27 00:01
    la machine ne ce remplies pas de seed beuk merci
  • Warondar
    2015-07-27 04:35
    Sounds good Stevie, just minor stuff that doesn't impact their use anyways. Looking forward to your next project.
  • Firez34
    2015-07-27 10:55
    We are just finishing Ringwoods V2 update. Update picks and plans are on the facebook page. Then we will start Lakeside.
  • Firez34
    2015-07-27 13:03
    LAURENTDonc, votre travail tout bon maintenant Oui?
  • Laurent
    2015-07-27 15:50
  • Laurent
    2015-07-27 19:39
    le standard module for multifruit( v3) ne passe pas en muleti merci de me repondre
  • Firez34
    2015-07-27 20:30
    LAURENT Nous ne touchez pas le module V3 multifruit standard en upsidedown donc je ne connais pas la réponse désolé.
  • Wadim
    2015-07-29 11:08
    Стиви кудато пропал ((
  • Laurent
    2015-07-30 11:29
    il a pas les prix du lait et des salade merci de voire
  • Nass
    2015-08-19 00:15
    C'est surement la plus belle carte pour Farming. Super travail. Je ne peux pas remplir mes camion benne au silo. Seulement des remorques tractées.Comment je peux faire? Merci
  • Alex
    2015-09-03 11:46
    Для Вадима ! Редактировать карты и технику можно в GIANTS Editor, программа находится в папке с игрой ( ... Farming Simulator 15\sdk ) на выбор две версии х32\64. ей можно редактировать технику и карты. Учти ! если видеокарта не расчитана для этой программы можно, запросто спалить её (именно при редактировании карт)
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