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Capello Quasar HS16 Corn Cutter Wolf Edition
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Capello Quasar HS16 Corn Cutter Wolf Edition

Capello Quasar HS16 Corn Cutter Customized. I Havent Seen This On Here Yet. But Perhaps I Am Wrong. Ok So This Header Is 30M Long. Most Of The Headers On Here That I Have Seen For Cutting Corn Are 10M Long & To Be Honest When You Have A Huge Field Of Corn & Using A Small Header It Takes For Ever To Harvest. So This Will Get The Job Done Faster.

- Set Price 0 (Cause It's A Game)
– Max Harvesting Speed Increased To 50KM/H
- Drive Control. For Better Handling

Installation: The Work Has Been Done For You. Just Download & Place File In Your Mod Folder.  No Zipping Needed.

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  • Wtf?
    2016-05-30 23:00
    You'd have to think that giving a blumpkin to a fat old guy would be more appealing to the masses than this mod.
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-05-30 23:03
    To Each their own I Suppose
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-05-31 00:21
    Thanks for Your Opinion. Everyone plays The Game the Way they Want To. there is No Restrictions, Rules Or ETC/ Everyone Has Their own Style Of How They Like To Play. As Far As The Price Goes. Why Put A Price On Something I Am Not Getting Paid For Myself? It's A Game. & Yes Header Is Set For Fast Speed. Not Everyone On Here Is Playing Multiplayer Mode. Some Of Us Dont Like Plowing 1 Field For Hours. Again Thanks For Your Opinion.
  • Tmwnn
    2016-05-31 01:01
    MRPAPAWOLF; While your mods may not be my cup of tea, props to you for taking the high road in the comments
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-05-31 01:10
    & TY TMWNN. I Am Too Old For Teenage Drama. I Play The Game To Kill Time When I Am Not Working On My Own Farms In The Real World. I am Just A Small Town Redneck Who Likes A Lil Fun Every Now & Then.
  • Dave
    2016-05-31 02:59
    I see we have a mod which is oversized YES but as MRPAPAWOLF has mentioned he does it for his own use and some fun and wanted to share which i do like as its a game and thats all it ever will be, everyone takes it too seriously , i personally love this style as big maps becomes easier and not combining for 3-4 nights a week on the same field
  • Jake32
    2016-05-31 03:04
    Dont matter big or small as dave mentioned its a game and only a game nothing more if those that complain cant edit properly themselves more than a little adstrip ,beacons etc etc shouldnt complain at all as its your complaining which makes even the big boys STOP , Think before comment
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-05-31 05:15
    Thanks Dave & Jake32
  • Peterpiper
    2016-05-31 22:44
    I have several trailers that are modified to what would be considered extreme as far as capacity goes but I like playing on the big farms, I don't play multiple players so running back and forth to the farm which can be a very long drive when your trailer reaches capacity at 50,000 or something is more time consuming. So, this mod may not be "real world" but serves a purpose. Don't like it, don't use it.
  • Peterpiper
    2016-05-31 22:53
    @MRPAPAWOLF I find if I set my clock in my career save game to "1" it slows everything down enough where you can actually harvest with the 16R offered in the game, with 3-4 combines on larger fields. I play California, Idaho and Dakota maps so fields are extremely large. Up the capacity of your combines a little helps too. Leave tractors with the Kinze loading wagon out there trucks/trailers on the sides of the fields and large fields can be harvested while you do other things. Happy farming!!
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-05-31 23:11
    Thanks Peterpiper
  • Becky
    2016-06-02 01:50
    MRPAPAWOLF , PETERPIPER, JAKE32, DAVE I agree with everyone of you as who wants to spend hrs doing a field on big maps when you have this which cuts down the man hrs harvesting
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-02 04:13
    Thanks Becky
  • Bigfarmer
    2016-06-02 05:37
    I'm downloading this as I am typing. TY MRPAPAWOLF. I am always looking for bigger machinery for my farm. I do have a question for everyone though, where do you get the bigger maps at? I play solo on Westbridge Hills.
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-02 06:38
    I play the north central kansas map. has 22 fields. very huge. no lag.
  • Thanks
    2016-06-02 08:41
    Thanks, this will make those huge ass fields more tolerable.
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-02 09:55
    Your Welcome
  • Pijko
    2016-06-03 02:54
    As others have stated, each his own. Let's all be happy that there are people willing to spend time and effort to make mods so people with no talent (like me) and no time ( like me) can keep on enjoying FS. Otherwise we would all be fed up with the game after 1 week max.!! so if you like the mod or not, at least apreciate the work that is done. If you like it, download it. If not, there is nobody holding a gun to your head to download it!!
  • Pijko
    2016-06-03 02:56
    To Bigfarmer: on modhoster.de you can find a category 4-fach maps. (4-fold maps) Most likely you will find some there to your liking.
  • Brian
    2016-06-03 04:17
    First of all, who cares if ppl put mods on here for others to enjoy? MRPAPAWOLF, where did you find the North Central Kansas map? I like playing the big maps and need big equipment to get the job done.
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-03 05:11
    @Brian: https://fs-uk.com/mods/view/28813/central-kansas-v2
  • Rick
    2016-06-05 06:59
    I think the function corn head well but I am not able to hangwhen I deposited audience and also should think in a future releaseto either integrate the wheels for road transport much like another mod grain head new holland or to make it more folds. Because in my case the corn head hangs over all batisses and trees along the roads. Otherwise very good modThank you
  • David spears
    2016-07-16 02:19
    love the 36 row head i need a 24 row can u make one that can fold like the 16 row I farm on the norther ohio map .thanks DAVE
  • Tim121672
    2016-10-05 03:22
    I download all your mods , I may not use them in all my games but when I do they are a blast. keep up the good work..
  • Adam
    2016-10-06 00:52
    any chance you have a john deere combine with a way larger capacity for farm sim15?!
  • Venustas
    2017-11-07 18:56
    whoever made 40 meter corn cutter messed up doesn't work pls fix and reload
  • Venustas
    2017-11-07 18:57
    fs 2017 mod one
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