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Car wash v1.0
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Car wash v1.0

Hi LS community
here I have a placeable wash for you.
NOTE: requires large area!
With this you can wash your vehicle without your Kärcher. Washing process takes about 1 minute. Prices vary depending on number of contaminated equipment, degree of soiling and cleaning speed set in the Fahrzeug.xml (but are quite realistic)
The mod has a relatively realistic animation (traffic lights, gates, washing brushes, sound and particles).
On entering the hall to the front to the washing machine and wash the animation starts.
The mod has been tested in single player as well as multiplayer with various vehicles and always worked flawlessly.
It is possible to wash vehicles up to a length of 20 m. Height nbegrenzung 4.20 m and width nbegrenzung about 4 m.
Until now I have not found any vehicle, whether or Mod standard, not what could fit in the car wash. Even the CASE IH AXIAL-FLOW 9230 inclusive 3162 DRAPER 45FT still fits on the length, if you drive through to the very front.
Even large appliances such as Kuhn FC and Horsch Pronto 10030 and Maestro are not a problem.
For the reapers an extra bathroom space is available, where you can let wash them automatically. (Cutting store on shelf, vehicle driving away, go to the Control Panel, "O" key and the washing process begins after end with "O" stop and the price will be deducted from the account).
The hall is illuminated at night.
The washing procedure in the hall only works if you reinfährt by the ENTRY, so enter the wrong way does not work.
Since there is no PDA icon for washing in the game, I think at least, I have additionally stops still a sign with crammed with bilateral labeling to indicate the way to the car wash can.
The area where the plant is located, should be reasonably flat, because it can be quite steep else.
I hope I have not forgotten essential.

Mod name: placeableCarwash
Authors: 112TEC | schwaki
Date: 03/2015
Model washing machine: basic model Internet Fund
Traffic sign: partially Nick98_1
Rest: DIY 112TEC | schwaki
Script: 112TEC | schwaki (wash formulas based and UPK Mod of MOR2000)
Animation and Ingaming: 112TEC | schwaki
For me, the log is error-free!
Have fun with it!
1. Publication only with original download link. NOT a substitute Link
2. No publication Neutexturierung, model change or parts of the mods.
Releases I reserve on request.

Modname: placeableCarwash
Autoren: 112TEC|schwaki
Datum: 03/2015
Modell Waschautomat: Grundmodell Internetfund
Verkehrszeichen: teilweise Nick98_1
Rest: Eigenbau 112TEC|schwaki
Script: 112TEC|schwaki (Waschformeln in Anlehnung and UPK-Mod von MOR2000)
Animation und Ingaming: 112TEC|schwaki

  • Voiture
    2015-04-01 17:41
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  • Jason
    2015-05-15 01:45
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    great mod thank you
  • Ponymanr
    2015-07-10 16:09
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    Thanks for the great mod....love it.
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