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Case IH Magnum 380 Wolf Edition
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Case IH Magnum 380 Wolf Edition

I was asked to upload a tractor that could pull my seeder that holds 480,000 Litters of seed. This is the tractor I use. I changed a few settings on it to work with ease. Call me names i dont care. its only a game and everyone plays it the way they want to play it.

Mod Name: Case IH Magnum 380


- Fuel Tank Holds: 2000 Liters, You can drive your entire map and only use 1 liter.
- Motor Start Duration: 30.000HP (takes 60 seconds to fully start up before it moves.)
- Motor HP Changed From 1500 To 9900
- Min RPM set to 20,000
- Brake System changed from 15 to 100
- price set to $0 (cause its only a game)


- When starting this tractor allow 60 seconds for it to fully start up. becuase of the power it wont move right away.
- Do not use damage mod with this mod.



  • Zzzzz
    2016-06-01 00:53
    great mods I love these fast tractors/combines any plans on uploading the seeder too.
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-01 01:07
    Thanks for your opinions have a great day
  • Gord
    2016-06-01 01:53
    MRPAPAWOLF, you're right it is just a game. If you're a purist, don't download tuned mods and don't criticize something that you will never use. I have a mixture of fun mods and spot on detailed mods. It is after all just a game. For those out there back biting, back stabbing and being general childish, go have a cookie or whatever makes you happy and farm on.
  • Name
    2016-06-01 02:39
    could you make a manure spreader that spreads automatically and stops when empty please
  • Paul
    2016-06-01 02:59
    your mods are one of the best
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-01 04:18
    I can Try (name) & Paul TY!
  • Seems stupid.
    2016-06-01 04:20
    seems kinda stupid that you would make a realistic model this overpowered. If you do make an overpowered tractor, a new model should be included.
  • 2016-06-01 04:27
    More like "Take Random Mods Without Permission and Credits and make them shitty edition".
  • Common sense please...
    2016-06-01 04:30
    When you say there's no rules against your mods, its kind of common sense to add credits and get permission to upload, which you have not done to any of your mods.
  • Full retard edition
    2016-06-01 04:39
    think you miss spelled wolf, it's spelled full retard
  • Dragan
    2016-06-01 05:38
    amazoneStreuer36mv1_1(Rot Amazone no v 36m)---------please convert this mod from fs13to fs15
  • Dragan
    2016-06-01 05:40
  • I like the floor out power.
    2016-06-01 05:48
    this thing floors out everytime. but a great mod. i found on another site none of my tractors would pull it. yours does with no lag or hiccup. shes just goes. yes you should of placed the credits in. but i read the rules here it doesnt say you arent allowed to change settings. so just ignore the children with the bad language.
  • Eagle355th
    2016-06-01 08:56
    Wow! Well put!
  • Terry
    2016-06-01 20:59
    hey wolf can u find the john deere in the wolf edition
  • Becky
    2016-06-02 01:05
    Men wait i mean kids you say you have respect well heres a idear USE IT
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-02 04:07
    Terry Trust me when i say this i have searched online for a john deere with a wolf skin on it. i think that would be pretty cool.
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-02 04:11
    Thanks Becky. I wish ppl would stop complaining. Try the dang mod first if you still hate it. delete it. move on with your life and stop the hate. bunch of drama queens on here i tell you what.
  • Susan
    2016-06-02 04:28
    This tractor is nice. I love power like I do with my men!!!
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-02 06:32
    lol @ susan Thanks!
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-02 06:35
    I kinda noticed something just now you all are complaining about how theres no 'credits' has anyone even bothered looking at the credits tab? It clearly states nate76. created of god damn tractor. Yes i changed some settings whoopy damn due. im seeing other comments saying awesome mod. to be honest i think my haters are just mad cause they didnt think of the idea first.
  • Eagle355th
    2016-06-02 07:39
    Hey you want a John Deer With A wolf head on it?
  • Thanks
    2016-06-02 08:45
    Thanks! While I do enjoy the hell out of these mod edits, I also crave spot-on American 1960's-1990's farm equipment that is "realistic". But there just aren't any, at least that I can find. Anyway, I only say this because spot-on realism was mentioned. Thanks again for these edits!
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-02 09:53
    Eagle355th that would be cool.
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-02 09:54
    I Have a few of them older 1960's tractor mods. I am also a fan of them older models.
  • Eagle355th
    2016-06-03 03:00
    Mrpapawolf: Look at this url at the pics Last one Is that something your talking about? http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/cattruckv2-and-catsemitrailer1-v2-0-by-eagle355th-2/
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-03 05:07
    Yes I Like That. I found something similar to that but it was for Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  • Eagle355th
    2016-06-03 05:46
    Wow! I just downloaded this mod of yours. LOL Wow! Talk about power LOL.Have you checked out any of mine? I'm Just curious. ;-)
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-03 07:27
    sure have. ive taken a few. i like em
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-03 16:34
    Anyone know how to remove a mod you have uploaded? I have checked my profile settings & options 100 times. there is no option to remove a mod you have uploaded -.-
  • Eagle355th
    2016-06-03 17:47
    Thanks Mrpapawolf. Once you've uploaded to a site it's there for life.
  • Eagle355th
    2016-06-03 17:52
    The old tractor's mite be a little hard to put a wolf on them but I might be able to do one for you Mrpapawolf.
  • Terry
    2016-06-03 20:39
    hey wolf the john deere with wolf edition
  • Mrpapawolf
    2016-06-03 23:45
    Terry are you talking about a mod i uploaded? ive uploaded 2 john deere mods, 1 is a seeder and 1 is a combine changed the settings to my liking. other wise i have no idea what your wanting. click on my name to go to profile youll see view all mods.
  • Eagle355th
    2016-06-09 05:12
    Mrpapawolf Any of my uploads you can redo if you want it's ok with me.
  • Eagle355th
    2016-06-09 05:18
    I will be uploading a big Krone pack in a few says!I have to wait because I had surgery on my left hand Wrist and left arm Today!What a party lol! Then 2 weeks from now I might have to have more surgery!Life goes on :-}
  • Eagle355th
    2016-06-09 05:23
    Do you have Facebook?
  • Speedking2
    2016-07-04 21:38
    MRPAPAWOLF - thank you for this awesome modifications. I am playing a second map of Western Hills. I started from scratch. I needed tractor with power and I remembered I downloaded this tractor and to boot free. The tractor is awesome. I am having loads of fun with it. Keep up the good work.
  • Travis
    2016-11-14 20:56
    hey wolf im tired of plowing at 8 miles an hour with my john deere 2623 disk any suggestion to make it go as fast as your seeders or do you know of a plow that goes quick
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