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Cat Challenger and Cat Lexion Pack v1.0
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Cat Challenger and Cat Lexion Pack v1.0

There are 6 tractors, 1 sprayer, 2 combines, and 1 header. Additional stuff in photo not included!

Tractors Features:
-ic controls (not all the tractors)
-Doors that open (not all the tractors)
-same color matching
-all tractors get dirty and are washable
-lights, front and rear
-Tractors each very in horsepower
-very nice build and make

Combine features:
-wheel color choose-able
-both get dirty and are washable
-very in wheels

Header features:
-45m standard Case IH re-skin
-gets dirty and is washable

Sprayer features:
-standard script
-re-skin of Amazone Pantera
-Gets dirty and is washable

All vehicles match in color, and lights.
Thank You

Ultimate Farmer

  • Roseika
    2016-07-13 21:38 Send message
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    Yay I love Cat(s)
  • Adamutlaut
    2016-07-14 04:23 Send message
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    you are stupid roseika
  • Jr


    2016-07-16 04:10 Send message
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    for some reason I cant not get it to work, I did un pak all files
  • Someonewhocares
    2016-07-18 17:35 Send message
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    A great little 10 pc mod pack. Variety of horse power, functions and all drive and look great. Great job modder! Here is a review if interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDf-8F01byE
  • Karin
    2016-07-19 05:17 Send message
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    great idea but its put together wrong due to you still see the hoods of the original tractors which made it a big FLOP in my book and before you say well if you can do better go ahead i already have and it was a tidy finish compaired to yours.
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