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Cat Challenger and Lexion JumboPack FINAL
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Cat Challenger and Lexion JumboPack FINAL

Tractors Features:
-ic controls (not all the tractors)
-Doors that open (not all the tractors)
-same color matching
-all tractors get dirty and are washable
-lights, front and rear
-Tractors each very in horsepower
-very nice build and make
-NEW! 2016! models as well as older all in one pack
-NEW! horsepower adjustments and fixes to tractors

Combine features:
-wheel color choose-able
-both get dirty and are washable
-very in wheels

Header features:
-45m standard Case IH re-skin
-gets dirty and is washable

Sprayer features:
-standard script
-re-skin of Amazone Pantera
-Gets dirty and is washable
-NEW! speed adjustment and color changes

All vehicles match in color, lights, and Brand!
Thank You

Ultimate Farmer

  • Guest
    2016-07-20 18:53
    belarus,new-holland,cases... irl
  • Like any other mod
    2016-07-20 20:46
    like any other mod its jack up
  • What ever
    2016-07-20 21:31
    on the tractors that I have used the errors are fixed, error free look good on me farm
  • Wtf


    2016-07-20 23:27
    kind of funny the other same pack like this one works and this new update dont work worth shit
  • 375mb! whatever
    2016-07-21 04:15
    Seriously? 375mb of crap, I'll pass, learn how to mod by cleaning up unnecessary files, also many of these use the same files which if done right would make the file smaller.
  • Sgdf
    2016-07-21 09:18
    pure shit, lots of reeskin and bugs
  • Experts
    2016-07-22 15:37
    Experts dont help these type of people due to they only use half of there brain cells which end up us getting frustrated because they dont listen
  • Bjergsted gods map modding
    2016-07-23 04:07
    I'll take a look and fix any errors there may be . Will be uploaded to this site Modhub.us
  • Tim121672
    2016-10-13 08:02
    very disappointed with this mod, most all of it is reskins or poorly done layovers . had my hopes up though. the tractors all work fine just not original cats.
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