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CAT Challenger MT765B V1
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CAT Challenger MT765B V1

The speed of 42 km/h, the power of 365 hp
Lighting fixtures.
The door opens, the rear window.
Animation hands of the driver, the control lever dynamic exhaust
Leaves traces on the road

DeerePower, OpenFan2463

  • John
    2015-12-29 12:17
    washable ??????????
  • Avenger33
    2015-12-29 23:36
  • You retard.
    2016-01-05 00:24
    How about you use an Actual Picture of the mod instead of trying to pass it off as joes Cat. THE PICTURE IS NOT OF THE MOD! Its actually the 8400T from FS2013 converted an edited. Not worth the download.
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