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Cat Challenger MT865B v1.0 Beta
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Cat Challenger MT865B v1.0 Beta

Model: scs software, siid, Merlin, vnsfdg2
Programming and visual details: siid
And assistance: Liqwidator, Ziuta, M ody98, Bartulo, User?
beta v1.0
- Modification gets dirty
- Modification is washable
- Direction
- Roosters
- Lighting
- Texture normal
- Script passenger
- Registering a vehicle
- Movable camera
- Moving parts in the cabin
prohibition of editing and changes download link


  • Guest
    2016-03-20 12:45
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    i do hope for the sake of SIID that he uploaded this to the site because if not it's a shame there is so much disrespect in the community. i guess in the end i'm not sure it matters because i think SIID's page is open to the general public and that does make it fair game then. anyway, it's a GREAT mod. i'm glad we now have a challenger for the game. i solute all those who share there work with the community. in my eyes the others aren't even part of the community.
  • John
    2016-03-20 13:38
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    thank you very much for this mod john
  • Cat happy
    2016-03-20 16:26
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    Thanks so much for this tractor you have made and finished what has been a brilliant weekend for me, thank you.
  •  hunter012
    2016-03-21 06:06
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    for God's mor upa cat on mega uploud
  • Garrett
    2016-03-21 16:38
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    Steering is a little bad
  • Garrett
    2016-03-21 16:40
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    But other than that very nice mod and very good detailing, wish it was in english when you use it ingame
  • Best
    2016-03-21 22:35
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    this mod is GREAT. i've made a small adjustment to stop the sliding issue. i'm using the exact ackerman steering line found in the JD 9560 RT found on this website. you loose a bit of turning, won't turn on a dime but it doesn't slide anymore.
  • Mod stealing
    2016-03-22 19:49
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    THis is an unoriginal mod the original mod is off of American Style modding.
  • Tom


    2016-04-28 05:22
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    Would love to see a V2 of this. Just some improvements to the handling would make this a great machine like it is in real life. I do like how you can turn on a dime like in the real thing, but it would be nice if you could make it more stable when turning at higher speeds and pulling heavy loads.
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