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(author original dans sa version 1.1 beta)

Model: SCS-Software, siid, Marlin, vnsfdg2, kmn modding, interior - giedrius
Programming and visual details: Siid
And Aid: Liqwidator, ziuta, mlody98, bartulo, user

CAT CHALLENGER MT865B V1.2 upgrade
beta v1.1
- improve visual
- improve driving physics
- minor fixes
beta v1.0
Get Dirty-modify
- modification is zmywalna
- indicators
- the ability to set the track width of the caterpillars
- roosters
- lighting
- normal texture
- registering a vehicle
- mobile camera
- moving components in the cabin
Editing and amending ban download link

paypal addres: [email protected]

Bonjour tout le monde,
voici le CAT_CHALLENGER-MT865B  (corriger) en version 1.2.
1/- j'ai rectifier la couleur des lumieres ( j'ai remplacer le jaune par du blanc).
2/- J'ai rectifier tout les speculars.
3/- j'ai revue certaines textures, du (capot,vitre,chassis,grille sur le capot,etc).
4/- j'ai revue aussi le bouton d'allumage des fhars avant "globaux" avec la touche 5.
 la touche f servant juste à allumer le tableau de bord maintenant.
5/-j'ai revue toutes les erreurs du log. le cat-challenger est enfin avec un i3d clean.
6/-j'ai revue aussi les positionements des clignotant, des lumieres etc.
7/- j'ai supprimer les cameras inutiles,les lights inutile etc
8/-j'ai rajouter de la fumer "gris noir à l'échappement" pour rendre cela plus réaliste encore.
9/- j'ai revue aussi tout les formats des textures qui etait en png,pour les remettre en dds.
10/-j'ai revue le prix,le cout par jour,et la puissance.
11/-j'ai revue beaucoup d'autre petits details non négligeable pour le bon fonctionement du mod.

vous l'aurait compris ce mod à était entierement corriger et ne contient plus aucune erreur.
j'espere que cela vous fera plaisir bien amicalement.

author original dans sa version 1.1 b├ęta.

Model: SCS-Software, siid, Marlin, vnsfdg2, kmn modding, interior - giedrius
Programming and visual details: Siid
And Aid: Liqwidator, ziuta, mlody98, bartulo, user

author dans sa version 1.2 corriger


  • Buster
    2016-05-29 16:42
    good mod thanx.
  • Guest
    2016-05-29 19:14
    Merci beaucoup pour cette version rectifier Dts-Modding ;)
  • Kj


    2016-05-30 00:34
    Bonsoir,tres belle version apres rectification,merci beaucoup pour le partage.
  • Jim


    2016-05-30 04:12
    Super nice job on it this time man. No errors. But I do see one fault thought. The lower lights and tail lights stay on all the time.
  • Jason
    2016-05-30 11:33
    Thank you Siid & Co for fixing this cat . /Jason
  • Guest
    2016-05-30 13:58
    maybe now joe will get the message. he's full of shit and his comments about trying to inspire the community to do better are bullshit. all he's been doing from day one is inspiring the community to turn to those who do release and be happy with what is released and forget about what remains private. joe can keep his shit we don't want or need it anymore.
  • Waaa
    2016-05-30 16:35
    Get over you Joe fixation it will help you get through life easier.
  • Guest
    2016-05-31 03:19
    @ WAAA, seems to me the person above you doesn't have a joe fixation, just a hatred for joe as do a lot of people and rightfully so. i would say he's getting through life pretty easy since he says he doesn't need or want joes shit. perhaps you have a joe fixation. you seem like your lips could be glued to his asshole with your comments. or maybe you the asshat himself.
  • Guest
    2016-06-04 15:00
    good mod thank you dts modding
  • Keegs321
    2016-06-24 18:53
    hope this is the original
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