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Cat Crane V2
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Cat Crane V2

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FreeModsRUs! No passwords.

What we fixed,
1 - added interior cameras
2 - Fixed pistons for all supports
3 - Completely replaced base collision
4 - Fixed Attacher lifts objects now, but manual attacher has error. It still works fine.
5 - Tweaked the motor settings
6 - Reskinned to Caterpillar
7 - Fixed wheel sliding
8 - Fixed Exterior Camera

original mod by zorlac fixes by FreeModsRUs!

  • Batyek
    2016-02-02 16:54
    GUEST! köszönjük a feltöltést (darut) és nem kell password nem ugy mint zolac
  • Badass farmer
    2016-02-02 18:09
    Something is wrong !!!! Its downloads & unzips shows up in the store, but you can't purchase it. So whatever is wrong with it, it definitely needs to be fixed.
  • Guest
    2016-02-02 18:17
    I think the problem is, it's missing the ( .xml ) file as I couldn't find it anywhere in the files.
  • Spidercrab1
    2016-02-02 18:17
    Thanks so much for putting this passwordless crane out for us to use and enjoy. Works flawlessly for me and I hope many others. Thanks again
  • Kuhzucht
    2016-02-02 18:23
    cat crane v2 total schrott log full 1711kb OMG
  • @spidercrab1
    2016-02-02 18:32
    how did you purchase it?? because it shows up in the store, but yet i can't buy it,
  • Freemodsrus!
    2016-02-02 18:41
    if you want to get rid of the error in the log just go into the moddesc and remove the moveattacher specilization. the LUA is what lets the attacher on the crane move with the crane and if anyone can fix the lua to work error free go ahead but till then just remove it from the moddesc. and if you cant buy it you might have a mod conflict. but i will look and see about fixing errors for v3.
  • Batyek
    2016-02-02 19:35
    tisztelt letöltök! a daru winrar mods mapába be másolva nekem simán müködik tőkéletesen üdv hungary
  • Batyek
    2016-02-02 19:42
    A daru farm sim. 1.4 verzioval müködik valószinű
  • Hey


    2016-02-02 20:26
    missing the xml file
  • Batyek
    2016-02-02 21:06
    A daru winrarból nem hiányzik az XML fájl nálam tökéletesen mükődik csak be másol mod mapa és mehet a játék
  • Grouchy
    2016-02-02 21:54
    I am not sure how anyone is getting this mod to work, especially when its missing the main ( Crane XML file ). Thanks for releasing the crane without the password, but as it doesn't work still I am starting to wonder if this is just another one of Zorlac stupid stunts to get downloads. Be careful everyone.
  • Modding fs15
    2016-02-02 22:14
    Une 11200 ltm caterpillard sa existe pas pfff nul
  • What really
    2016-02-02 23:37
    thats funny cuz the mod works just fine for me and shows up
  • Runaway train productions
    2016-02-03 00:12
    could you please fix the steering on the crane so that it's able to turn sharply without loosing speed and also fix the acceleration so the crane speeds up faster
  • Brian304
    2016-02-03 00:18
    still a piece of crap but a little bit better than the one from zorlac . stil one wheel is not rotating at the right side of the crane and i mis the cilinders at the arm they are set unvisble plaese fix that en its not driving if you steer fix that to pleasse
  • Poldy66
    2016-02-03 00:59
    first a huge thank you to the / modders have these horny Mod developed or implemented. Great work, whether it was ZORLAC or whoever. The Attacher works and you can lift smaller things. But unfortunately, and as a professional should turn, this stability of the mod is in real life a disastrous history. The link to original:
  • Poldy66
    2016-02-03 01:01
    If you hang a tractor off this mod loses his balance. This error should resolve, PLEASE. Switchable weights would be an idea. The basic model has a net weight without boom of 101 ton, the maximum load capacity is 1200 tons. The LTM 11200 provides maximum Tragktaft and one of the longest telescopic boom worldwide. Would be nice if someone could realize in the game well, or at least that it does not tilt the small Bührer
  • Poldy66
    2016-02-03 01:02
  • Allen55
    2016-02-03 04:00
    this is for the attacher it should read like this not like this
  • Lindomar bleichovel
    2016-02-03 13:18
    The fifth wheel remains locked , there is a way to solve this problem ?
  • Snuitje
    2016-02-03 18:19
    graag deze mod verwijderen gaat deze gast alleen om bekendheid van facebook de beloofde Wachtwoord wordt daar NOOIT verstrektlike to remove this mod is this guy only to fame of facebook is there NEVER provided the promised password
  • Maximilan
    2016-02-03 18:46
    i think that the crane nits mor weight and mor tools to put on the crane
  • Maximilan
    2016-02-03 19:35
    can you please fix it wat i that irlier on
  • Guest
    2016-02-03 23:21
    tipping over with a heavy object on hook and slows and stops on sharp turns.
  • Maximilian
    2016-02-04 15:12
    i mean that the crane is not so realistick
  • Swj0920101
    2016-09-03 11:02
    Please inform key crane operation
  • Swj0920101
    2016-09-03 11:12
    I can’t attacHER anything with the crane (sorry for the bad english)
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