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Das Fliegende Auto v1.0
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Das Fliegende Auto v1.0

You always wanted to times with a car fly? You have no money and no desire a ticket to make, This Flugsaurus "V40 driver Flugsaurus" may also on its own drive, so that you do not need any special transports as carrier, the steering wheel is incapacitated and is used only for holding, when the driver's door a joystick where you order your vehicle steer,
But there are little notes!

+ Search you please a high point in your map
+ When airplane mode PLEASE not too strong brakes, the gear grinding else and you lose your altitude,

Author / Credits: Heli-Script: Eisbearg, 3d model Schrottauto: FMFS, composition Idde Sounds: Volvo V40 driver
How wish you much fun with our Mod wishes Volvo V40 driver


  • Jacques
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    vraiment nul ou est le farming dans ce genre de mod faut pas abuser MDR
  • Xy


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    Hi. There's no better job in the idiots (idiots) who is / are those who are doing ?? No sound-minded people for sure!
  • Erpilas
    2016-06-14 22:37 Send message
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    ÔjÔ ??
  • Sebastien.b
    2016-06-14 23:54 Send message
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    tout ta fait accords avec toi jacques !!
  • Lolo
    2016-06-15 02:09 Send message
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    pff n importe quoi
  • Romino's
    2016-06-15 02:24 Send message
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    aucun réalisme aucune utiliser franchement une grosse bouze !!!!!!
  • Pinguino
    2016-06-15 09:37 Send message
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    Menuda pedazo de mierda voladora.
  • Loziofrank
    2016-06-15 16:03 Send message
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    Ma cosìè sta MERDA!? Sparati in bocca. admin...sveglia....via sta merda
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