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Dodge 700 Truck
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Dodge 700 Truck

Dodge 700 Truck for FS 2015.
Version: v1.0

- lights
- mirrors
- Installing / Removing the tent
- Dust from the wheels
- Leaves traces on wheels

Mechanic78, Desperados93 & wraith72

  • Farmer
    2015-04-02 07:03
    Will not fill from and auger equipment except silos!
  • Guest
    2015-04-03 19:11
    great truck, but how can I fix it to where it will take load from the combines and overloaders?
  • Robroy34
    2015-04-04 21:55
    Open the vehicle xml file and find:change to:This will fix it. Courtesy of yrfmcire at American Eagles mods.
  • Robroy34
    2015-04-04 22:03
    sorry about that messed up post. open the xml file of the dodge and change this value: to this value: and it will take the fill from a combinefix was given to me by yrfmcire from American Eagles.
  • Robroy34
    2015-04-04 22:05
    Nevermind. It seems that this site won't allow me to put how to fix this mod.Go to American Eagles and look up in mod help under the dodge 700 topic help post
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