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Dodge Second Gen 2500 SRW Flatbed v1
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Dodge Second Gen 2500 SRW Flatbed v1

Dodge Second Gen SRW Flatbed, is not color changeable

Cab and Fame: Thunder Chunky20
Flatbed: ATF Modding

  • Name
    2016-10-03 04:08
    THATS thunder chuckys truck
  • Connorh
    2016-10-04 03:17
    I know. Check the credits
  • Ervingamez
    2016-10-05 15:11
    Thunder Chunkey saidwe can realse edits of his truck if we give him creadits
  • Zzzzzz
    2016-10-26 03:22
    truck needs lots of work, lousy interior & 2 steering wheels wtf crappy edit, good thing im just using this truck for parts for another truck & the sounds for another truck otherwise this thing is pure JUNK!
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