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Dondiego Map Reloadet v4.5
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Dondiego Map Reloadet v4.5

Hi, this is my converted map of Ls11 for LS15.

It is 4-fold, multifruit map.
Standard fruit + rye, oats, sunflowers, spelled, millet, poppy and alfalfa (gründüger mod)
Pigs and cattle fattening
GülleMistKalk Mod with lime silo on the farm
Food storage with conveyors
Mixing Station
Garden centers of manure / dung purchase
Straw purchase at the circus
Slurry and manure storage
Display Overview
AI traffic: cars and pedestrians

Required Mods:
-ChoppedStraw Mod
-Gründünger Mod
-GülleMistKalk Mod

I wish you much fun

webalizer:chopped Straw
marhu:Schweine , Rinder ,Hühnermast, GülleMistKalk mod, Water mod
biface:futterlager mit schilde( v3.0 v4.0)
Farmer_Andy: Kompostieranlage, Güllelager
El Cid:zuckerfabrik
-- --
LS15: Nils23
Numbershader: Giants/weisser
Anpassung: Giants/weisser
Holz Textur (Vorschlag): lappyBauer/dtmaster
chtiseb:Lager module(v4.5)

  • Sweet250
    2015-04-27 16:30
    Well, I like your map, but with almost 80 fields, I have a concern with travel time to and from the HOF when harvesting from fields so far away. But, I do have a couple of questions for you. Can you translate the storage area to english for me, and can I use some buildings from your map in a project I'm working on for myself?
  • Sweet250
    2015-04-27 16:31
    Nun, Ich mag deine Karte, aber mit fast 80 Felder, ich habe ein Problem mit der Reisezeit zum und vom HOF bei der Ernte von den Feldern so weit weg.Aber, ich habe ein paar Fragen an Sie. Können Sie den Speicherbereich auf Englisch für mich zu übersetzen, und ich kann einige Gebäude aus Ihrer Karte in einem Projekt an dem ich arbeite für mich selbst benutzen?
  • Guest
    2015-04-28 01:42
    Error: Running LUA method 'draw'.D:/code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/I18N.lua(264) : attempt to index local 'num' (a nil value)good map But problem whith save game? what does this mean?????
  • Alexis16
    2015-04-28 23:40
    is verry cool
  • Shane
    2015-04-29 01:33
    love the size however it only loads once for me. opon loading the save it gets stuck loading the map.
  • Chunt89124
    2015-04-29 02:18
    Very buggy
  • Name
    2015-04-29 12:22
    excellent map, good peformance ,runs well thanx.
  • Bestfarmer
    2015-05-25 19:33
    Like it but have an idea of the homestead more like States. Fields are great. Having a bugging problem as well tractor won't move when hiring worker or just quits all together have to stop program and restart.
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