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F350 XLT CrewCab LongBed v1
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F350 XLT CrewCab LongBed v1

FORD F350 XLT CrewCab LongBed with 5th wheel

Ich habe vor meinem Ford F350 XLT Crew Cab in FS15 Langbett nicht gesehen hatte. Haters nicht herunterladen.

Giants, No modders listed in this mod.
F350 XLT CrewCab Long Bed
Free to use and diseminate

  • Guest
    2015-08-30 17:41
    This is a nice truck, Is there a way to change the color, I can't find the file.
  • Sumopuppy
    2015-08-30 21:31
    There is no file, learn how to paint in GE, it's SO easy
  • Bull hauler
    2015-08-30 23:32
    Modders are Niceguy, PHM, and who ever converted it
  • Nathaniel
    2015-09-01 01:08
    can you make more just like this one
  • John
    2015-09-04 23:02
    Sound is horrible. beside that a nice truck.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-07-08 21:49
    one of my favorite fords for FS15, just wish I knew how to paint in GE, then I could repaint it a darker shade of green & add a headache rack/ranch hand grille guard to it.
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