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Farming Bank Mod v0.1
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Farming Bank Mod v0.1

Farming Bank 16 is an External Software program to manage the Financials of Farming Simulator 15. It is designed to act like a personal Bank.Get important Stats about your ,for example: Silo Storage or BGA,also gives it a build-in service to help you ,if there are debt values available. It calculates possible Incoms too.

Manage your Financials in a advanced way.
Dear Farmer , We hope to welcome you as a customer of Farming Bank 16 !

GNU GPL v3 License . Readable in Program.
System - Requirements

Windows 7 or higher (32/64Bit)

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Program tested under :

01 Beta Windows 10 64Bit Alfa auf Windows 10 64Bit & Windows 8 64Bit (VM)

UI: Daniel Berends
Development: Daniel Berends
Idee / Konzept: Daniel Berends
Tester: Daniel Berends

  • Pablo
    2016-07-26 12:15
    hi I,v having trouble installing this it keeps coming up with error-f. I must be doing some think wrong. HELP...
  • Tom


    2016-07-27 04:05
    Use cmd.exe in Windows and type in the console: echo %TEMP%and hit enter..Then restart the installer and try again..Maybe that help!
  • Rikor
    2016-07-28 00:09
    This program doesn't work right, it stays in resident memory after removing the program from the computer, and there is an update. What directory did the update download too? you should be allow to choose which directory to download the update TO. It keeps crashing on constant basis when you open the program up, this isn't beta it is alpha stage.
  • Rikor
    2016-07-28 00:10
    Second page,This program seems to be good idea to use to manage your monies in the game, but it isn't finished, it shouldn't be released until more of the bugs are fixed, like the installation fix, able to choose the directory where the update choose download too, and fix the crash when you start up the program, also you should allow the person to choose the alias in the program then having the program generate the alias for ya. Hope this helps on some of the criticism. :)
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