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Stable Hotfix Feller Buncher JD859M + Blade v3
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Stable Hotfix Feller Buncher JD859M + Blade v3

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- Particles no longer spray out when the head is turned on im multiplayer
- Fixed issue where game would crash on quiting
- Buncher no longer slows down movement when blade is spinning
- You only have to hit "b" now to turn the blade on and off not "G" to switch implements
- Changed cut distance and speed so that you have less "pringling of logs" Its also much easier to delimb large trees without cutting it all up.
- Claws grab better for stronger grip and hold on trees
- Buncher collsions on head have been changed to stop small trees from getting stuck in the head and also to help hold larger trees from falling out.
- this is overall a very large stability update to the whole machine and blade for smooth cutting.

FDR Logging

  • Michael dawson
    2016-02-07 01:56
    first fix your blade because it does not sit flat or attach to the machine and then fix your grab arms so that they do grab a tree
  • Jason
    2016-02-07 04:36
    i was having no luck with this mod before this fix, but now its one of your best mods ever great hotfix! keep up the great work and thank you! log on!
  • Jd


    2016-02-07 04:43
    Nice!! You nailed it with this one! Best one for sure. I used to be in logging. this feller buncher truly represents logging. Can't wait for the next one
  • Jimmy ross
    2016-10-07 02:05
    I am having a problem with the head of the buncher laying horizontal to the ground and no mouse button will make it vertical. What am I doing wrong?
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