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Fendt 1050 Vario v1
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Fendt 1050 Vario v1

Completely newly constructed in 1050 as a joint project with the Vario Modscheune.
Credits: Vasillis, Bertram
Price: € 428,700
Maintenance: 50 €
Power: 500 hp
Maximum speed: 60 km / H +
Extras: Greenstar, twin wheels, wheel weights, roof hatch, rear window, driver's side door controlled via buttons
Mod does not have to be unpacked

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Vasillis, Bertram-79

  • 11 rue des castoe
    2015-08-16 02:08
    se mods est de la merde il conrespon pas avec ma remorque
  • 14 rue des castoe
    2015-08-16 02:09
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