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Fendt Vario 724 SCR v4.5
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Fendt Vario 724 SCR v4.5

- Full lighting
- Real sound
- IC control
- New tires
- Animated hydraulic
- Indoor Sound
- Dynamic Exhausting System

AGO, Sotillo, JDFan, kesukas
V4.5: OfTheSun

  • Mythic
    2015-07-21 11:50
    stop with posting STOLEN mods on this site this is an AGO systemtech mod and he has not given any rights to change the mod to fs 15 !!! its because of shitheads like you he doesnt publish his awesome new fendt and JD tractors for fs 15 ....SO STOP STEALING MODS!!!
  • Cabbage
    2015-07-23 01:47
    Ah, thanks for the heads up, wondered why the front wheels are twitchy. with respect to AGO, i deleting this mod and well stop using this site if it promoting stolen work!!!
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