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Fontaine Magnitude 55 v3
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Fontaine Magnitude 55 v3


I present to you the official TechnicMods Fontaine Magnitude Farming Simulator Low Boy release for Farming simulator 2015.  This is the same Fontaine Magnitude low boy in FS13 but this is not a conversion.  As of right now some of the functions that the 13 version had are not in place.  We are working to improve on these items.

Future Update: The deck is narrow as you can see but we plan on implementing the old extended deck function where the supports come out on the deck and then the boards are placed on.  We hoping to roll this out with V4.

Below is a list of thing that have been fixed in V3..  There are two zip files inside the main zip file that need to be placed inside your mods folder.  Feel free to share your feedback and any input on ourlowboy forum page.

Farming Simulator Low Boy V3.0 Fixes:

  • Neck can be fixed in place on the truck preventing it from swinging.
  • Neck spawns standing up.
  • Adjusted neck collisions.
  • Adjusted lock load so loads are more secure.
  • Extended collision on deck to haul slightly wider equipment.

Farming Simulator Low Boy V2.0 Fixes:

  • Neck is adjustable.
  • Fixed the axles.
  • Adjusted some collisions.
  • Adjusted width.

Farming Simulator Low Boy V1.0:

  • Initial Release.

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  • Really
    2015-12-16 10:16 Send message
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    really its fixed.... should be more like not fixed crappy mod
  • Technicmod
    2015-12-16 10:30 Send message
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    Whats the issue?
  • Technicmod
    2015-12-16 11:37 Send message
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    Sorry mate you are right. If you downloaded this mod before 4:30PM EST than you will need to re download it. Had a bad file slip through on the upload.
  • Albertl
    2015-12-16 14:55 Send message
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    Why you working on a mod that belongs to Xentro that you have no clue as to what your doing and releaseing 100 verssions for???Stop allready and wait untill it is converted corectly with the right lua scripts.
  • Technicmod
    2015-12-16 21:31 Send message
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    Albertl, it's not a conversion, that is why there are so many versions. Everything was assembled from the ground up. This will be the last version for a while till some other projects get knocked out.
  • Heitorfs15
    2015-12-17 02:56 Send message
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    caraaaaaaaalho.... no video o cara e ruim de braço em? puta q paril
  • Giveup
    2015-12-17 04:19 Send message
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    i'm with albert stop releasing until you have ALL the issues fixed. although why its taking so long i have no idea. others have this thing in much better shape than you do.
  • Technicmod
    2015-12-17 09:43 Send message
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    Part1: Giveup I can understand where your coming form if you don't know the whole story. My group got the initial release V1 with the neck detached, that was a major leap in the journey of this lowboy. Once the neck detached there was the problem of the deck being too low to the ground which pretty made it unusable in most cases. V2 was the fix for that. Once that was fixed the issue with the neck swiveling came into play. V3 was the fix for that which is posted above in the download link.
  • Technicmod
    2015-12-17 09:45 Send message
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    Part2: I also increased the side collisions so they could haul wider loads. Sorry if I'm blowing up the ModHub feed but I want a decent working low boy that the farming simulator community can enjoy. I will now be blowing up ModHubs feed with more releases until the expanding side decks and other bug fixes are in place. At least at this point there is a working low boy that users can enjoy.
  • I'llbethejudge
    2015-12-17 14:52 Send message
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    i haven't tried v3 yet so i don't know if its useable or not. i've been using another one that is more than useable. not sure i want to waste my time trying yet another piece of shit. i would rather wait for a completely finished perfect mod than have this releases of half ass work.
  • I'llbethejudge
    2015-12-18 02:49 Send message
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    well i tested and this version is worse than the other 2. this one is totally not usable. i'm done trying these releases from technicmods.
  • Technicmod
    2015-12-18 20:09 Send message
    0 0
    You are the first out of everyone else that has an issue with it.
  • Technicmod
    2015-12-18 20:17 Send message
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    Your more than welcome to post any problems your having on our forum.https://technicmods.com/forums/topic/v1-1-release-notes/
  • Shadowr434
    2015-12-19 23:15 Send message
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    Hey Technicmod, I'm a registered user at t your page but the link is locked for version 3. Is there an issue or is the problem on my end?
  • Hsayar
    2016-02-24 16:59 Send message
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  • Hsayar
    2016-02-24 17:02 Send message
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