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Ford F350 WorkTruck Pack
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Ford F350 WorkTruck Pack

This is the F350 Work Truck Pack from FS13 converted over to FS15 all 3 trucks have low trailer hitch 2 of them have 5th wheel hitch. to operate tailgate left mouse button up and down low beam and high beam lights work lights and fog lights. This is the plain Version.

Credit for the Mod goes to (Niceguy4704) with edits by The Chase is On ~RaceTime911~
https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Chase-Is-On/1032565856771055, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVdMPDPEb1QYPIkhnbje4Gw ,
And Converted by ArcticWolfModding https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arctic-Wolf-Modding

  • Winston958
    2015-05-18 22:03
    IRONMAN my name is winston9587 of ArcticWolfModding why have you uploaded the f350 pack to this site ? our modding group has permission to upload this mod to the different mod sites.
  • Thomas matthews
    2015-06-08 16:09
    this mod modsis rubbish u buy it in the shop and u get a load of them then u cant sell u have to delete the mod of of your mod fold to get it out of your game DONT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD
  • Dom 706
    2015-11-23 23:17
    this is a good mod u should get it ford is cool I will shut up now
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