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Frase v2.0
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Frase v2.0

I present to you today my router for disposal!
Some of them even know of the LS13.
The milling machine can mill silage chaff, manure, hay, grass, straw and wood chips.
It is washable!
You can choose the color.
Have they done something smaller than in the LS13 version.
The router has built the same function as a shovel and because I'm too lazy to shovel I have this router.
Because where you can absorb the shovel something there goes the tiller.
Potatoes and sugar beets I have not inserted because I have no mashed potatoes Particle found.


  • Guest
    2015-02-14 21:39 Send message
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    Much MUCH better then using a bucket !!
  • Zzzzz
    2017-01-11 22:27 Send message
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    i have been using this wonderful mod for some time & yes much easier/quicker than using a loader/bucket how about a V3 of this mod that's a snow blower for the winter/snow mod maps.
  • Coffee
    2017-01-20 03:32 Send message
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    V 1.0 works on FS 17 great, but can't seem to get V2.0 to work in FS 17. Any Ideas?
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