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Fruit and berries v2.2.2
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Fruit and berries v2.2.2

Version 2.2.2
Den Erdbeeren Kompost hinzugefügt. Saftheini nimmt nun auch Weintauben.

UPK fruit and berry Can now in MP (Multiplayer) can be used
Imperative of UPK must be in the mod folder be: http: //www.modhoster.de/mods/universalprocesskit--2
Emsland multi required to transport Http: //www.modhoster.de/mods/ros-krone-emsland-multi--2
possibly ROS VW bus with trailer for transport Http: //www.modhoster.de/mods/ros-vw-bus-und-hanger
or ROS truck with trailer for transport Http: //moddesc.com/ros-lkw-scania-mit-trailer-ros-scania-truck-with-trailer/
Warehouse possibly for interim storage Http: //www.modhoster.de/mods/ros-lagerhallen--2
-------------------------------------------------- ---------
Fully compatible with the Apfelmodhttp: //www.modhoster.de/mods/apfelmod--2
The file has a zip only in the mod Ordnerggf. old ersetzen.Alles file placed freely !!

1. Contributes to 450 liters of cherry cherries (not daily. Production, growth time clock 6-21).
2. plum tree Carries up to 500 liters plums (not daily. Production, growth time clock 6-21).
3. Orange Tree Transmits up to 600 liters oranges (not daily. Production, growth time clock 6-21).
4. ErdbeerengewächshausEin greenhouse strawberries. Max. Amount strawberries 7000 (not daily. Production, growth time clock 6-21) in a greenhouse stock. Supply of manure and / or compost (max. 5000) and well water (max. 3500) from well water pump (after buying the pump well water for free) or normal water (water) increases the yield. Pickup possible is done to the left of the entrance (boxes), pull over tight. At night is not produced.
5. Pay cider "The juice Heini" When juice Heini your trunk wage Mosterei the fruit comes into the bottle (production time 8-20 clock), he takes apples, plums, cherries, strawberries, pears, grapes, oranges and carrots (up to each 20000L) loading dock to see if it gets too rough.
6. stall 1For cherries, plums and Äpfel.Verkauf each up to 2850l cherries, plums and apples. Gradually sold here and share your hourly credited (sale time clock 6-18). At night is not produced.
7. stall 2For strawberries, oranges and Birnen.Verkauf each up to 2850l strawberries, oranges and pears. Gradually sold here and share your hourly credited (sale time clock 6-18). At night is not produced.
8. drilled BrunnenwasserpumpeWie itself, is not immediately filled up (initial amount 5000l) and empty when using running again full of 2000l per hour. And holds max. 50000l. Well water is always free after purchase of the pump.
9. Gulli Here you can no longer needed well water or water (water) dispose of.

NEW for Map Builder: Can also be fitted with GE. For quick installation to self-interest: User must UPK (see above) and my mods in the mod folder still have (placement & works better game then runs if necessary in weak PC's better) .Einfach unpack the zip, then the folder in the folder "map" your map with the import GE object then save place finish.
If the map is available for download, just ask in response, there are not forgotten exact installation instructions and credits.

Thanks to mor2000 without the UPK Mod this is not possible.
CAUTION following entries in the log that are irrelevant to you, because you these items only say that these crops not installed in the of you currently recorded Map (or inserted as a mod) were [UniversalProcessKit] Notice:. FillType labeled "FruchtArt_X" is not part of the game economyusw. etc.
!! WARNING !! Giants can in LS 15 to only 64 types of fruit, what with heavy use of added fruit types in the map or fruit UPK Mods leads to problems when man exceeds the number of 64.


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