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FS15 Trailer pack v1.0
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FS15 Trailer pack v1.0

Hi guys! Its Duramax_Nation back with another release, Thank you guys for 2,800 Subs! So today we are releasing my 2 landscape/Hauling Trailers! Enjoy.

Duramax_Nation modder

  • Zzzzz
    2016-07-13 00:20
    downloaded these 2 times & both times they did not show up in the game, is unzipping required or not.
  • Duramax
    2016-07-13 03:06
    All you have to do is unpack it.
  • Luckyduckfarmer
    2016-07-14 01:37
    good pack but can u plz put a fold - unfold ramp scrip on both plz
  • Duramax
    2016-07-14 02:18
    All you do is move your mouse side to side.
  • Blacky
    2016-07-16 16:48
    i found out how to get the ramps and door down on both trailers push m on your keyboard for the ramps to go down and k to go up
  • Tazz238
    2016-09-03 07:17
  • Kevin enfinger
    2016-11-27 03:31
    Cough* cough* Nobody likes you.
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