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Hagen Holm v2.2.0
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Hagen Holm v2.2.0

I started my 'mapping experiment' with changes at the Bjornholm map.

V 2.2.0
- cows at the farm
- replaced grass with channelfail
- another few changes at the farm
- new farm (for forest machines)
- changed some fields

V 1.0.1
- sheeps at the farm
- a few changes at the farm (bulidings, wood chip conveyor, etc.)
- changes at the biogas plant
- area for placeable objects
- added forest at the bgp

Halle an der BGA: möchtegernbauer
Hackschnitzellager und -förderband: mariodieck

  • Rob


    2014-11-20 18:23
    a really beautiful map!!!!every thing is there,but the only thing i miss is:where can i sell whole trees?or is it only wood chips?please help!;))rob
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