Farming simulator 2019 mods
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Original Idaho map: blueweb
Original Idaho credits.
Ranch and Farm Fencing – Sandgropper
MapSiloBand, FermentingSilo, Watermod, WoolPaletteCollector, PigMod – Marhu
AllInOneSilo – TMT Team
Cowshed – NIModding
LMS Buildings – LazyModStudios Modding
American Style Buildings, barns, sellshed, rootcrop barns – JohnDeere1952
SukupBinPack – ThompsonM06
Anhydrous Tanks – DocEyloc
Beleuchtung – Bauer Jens1
Horses – Luculus
MachineShed, PoleBarn, Powerlines and Coop – DocElyoc
Road Construction Kit v3 – Fatian
Guard Rails – Fendt512
RusticBarns – Feterlj
Barn – Merrical Xtras, ekki
Feed Mill – Hermit23
WoodenSigns – Thunderace
Earnvale building – Andrew Standford
Avia Gas Station – Dimanix
Radio Tower – Raptor5
New VehicleShop v1.1 – Joerg_B
McDonalds – Basti_66
FSM Mill and Manure Storage – FSM Team
Raffenarie – BigBlue
Waschlange -Movie-Profi, buchhauer, Blacky_BPG
Barns – Axel of Sweden
Aral Station – Case Fan
Traffic Lights- Babyblue210
Multifarm – Blacky_BPG
LoadingRamp – farmerboy69
Futterlager – Ganelcer
Slaughterhouse – Javier007
Trucks – seba j
Water Station – jimdo, Tankbauer
bigmigmag, workshop equipment – JauchenPaule
Bridge – Fatian
CoverAll Building – Fraser Cow
PavementMarkings – FrankWienberg
Brewery – GE-Mapping

Farmer Klink, and Diesel Boss

  • Tdog55
    2016-03-06 19:16
    thomas stop
  • Frank
    2016-03-06 20:10
    Nice Map good Work , 1-2 little errors . Bring your Briefing 1,2,3 pics in right format (1024x512.dds bsp.) and for map you must download MapBuyableObjekt.zip . And in map/textures/terrain/grassdiffuse (3x) in kompatible format (1024x512 bsp.)and in map/newModels/bins/models/newObjects/models/neueroBin/Silo/adStrip.dds raw format same.And last the click sound forgot FS15_Idaho_USA_SMG_MF/map/sounds/click.wav good map bye
  • Sweet250
    2016-03-06 21:39
    I have a copy of Map buy-able objects, but I'm getting the error saying I have the wrong version
  • Namefrank
    2016-03-07 00:41
    @SWEET250 delete this and and your savegame lod here new :https://mod-portal.com/forum/filebase/index.php/Entry/555-Map-Buyable-Object-V3-2/Start new Game And in this map the folder Ingame missions bye
  • Collin
    2016-03-07 02:26
    do you have to do all three downloads
  • Petr
    2016-03-07 05:28
    MapBuyableObject 3.3 ok
  • Blacky
    2016-03-07 07:41
    love this map in FS 13 played it then but ran into problems back FS 2013 game it frozed up on me and it won't download trees kept moving into the fields i hope this one is fixed now
  • Blacky
    2016-03-07 07:45
    trees kept appearing in the fields every time i saved the game and came back to play
  • Blacky
    2016-03-07 08:27
    even this game mod is slow to down load it takes for ever
  • Blacky
    2016-03-07 08:44
    waste of time doesn't even show up on the game either
  • Blacky
    2016-03-07 15:51
    it's just like OGF map mod friggin problems in it
  • Petr
    2016-03-07 21:31
    soil mod error
  • Guess
    2016-03-07 21:32
    Warning (performance): FS15_Idaho_USA_SMG_MF/map/newModels/bins/models/newObjects/models/neueroBin/Silo/adStrip.dds raw format.Warning (compatibility): FS15_Idaho_USA_SMG_MF/map/textures/terrain/grass_diffuse.dds width or height doesn't equal 2^n.Warning (compatibility): FS15_Idaho_USA_SMG_MF/map/textures/terrain/grass_diffuse.png width or height doesn't equal 2^n.Warning (compatibility): FS15_Idaho_USA_SMG_MF/map/textures/terrain/grass_normal.png width or height doesn't equal
  • Guess
    2016-03-07 21:34
    Hey guys,I like a map that I have and use courseplay, but the trees and fence are collision thingy. The tractors(combines) hit the trees(fence) while using courseplay. Please to delete collision the trees and fence.. Also warning map have not found texture...Thanks!
  • Ben


    2016-03-08 00:50
    Cant wait to see V2
  • Brock lesnar
    2016-03-08 01:15
    you wont see v2 thanks to Thomas!
  • Blacky
    2016-03-08 02:49
    thomas ruins everything and steals from people to loke mod maps and such and frigs them up so they don't work
  • Adam1110
    2016-03-08 04:33
    the door wont open to gat the combine out of the shed
  • Brock lesnar
    2016-03-08 05:46
    if nothing is working you may need the REQUIRED mods for this map which "Thomas" forgot or didn't bother to add to this releasehell knowing "Thomas" he probably didn't get the memo!!
  • Tom stauffer
    2016-03-09 01:24
    how do u get grain out of bins
  • Djputz
    2016-03-09 21:45
    When I try to unload sugar beets in area it will not let me unload them
  • Kentuckycoalroller
    2016-03-16 01:03
    its a great map keep up the good work.IF U WANT TO BAIL ALFALFA GET THE ADD BALE TYPE MODlink: http://uploadas.com/notp3l7k7n7l/addBaleTypes.zip.html
  • Zmitb
    2016-03-17 03:35
    nice map
  • Ddem
    2016-04-01 03:08
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! My favorite map from FS2013. Keep up the good work!
  • Nytowl
    2016-04-03 06:03
    I haven't heard any comments about bumping grain. I can dump with me driving but using CP the truck just drives thru with the load.
  • Nytowl
    2016-04-03 06:04
    Opps, that's dumping grain not bumping grain
  • Your a bitch
    2016-06-10 03:20
  • Ff17
    2017-02-07 21:50
    Any possibilities that this map may be converted to FS17? Best map I have ever played
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