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JCB Pack v1.0 [MP]
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JCB Pack v1.0 [MP]

JCB Pack from JCB DLC
JCB 3230 Xtra
Daily upkeep: 170€/day
Engine: 169kW / 230HP
Brand: JCB
JCB 435S
Daily upkeep: 110€/day
Engine: 169kW / 230HP
Brand: JCB
Daily upkeep: 80€/day
Engine: 107kW / 145HP
Brand: JCB
JCB 260 (Bobcat)
Daily upkeep: 10€/day
Engine: 54kW / 74HP
Brand: JCB

!!!WARNING!!! This pack is without JCB 8310 !!!WARNING!!!

GIANTS Software, LS_Jan0_SK

  • Deepblue
    2015-11-26 16:54
    Illegal convert from JCB DLC.... Giants was informed.
  • Okonel
    2015-11-26 17:04
    TNX men!
  • Deepblue
    2015-11-26 22:15
    legal convert from JCB DLC.... Carlsberg was unformed when I was drunk. I LIKE IT, THANKS
  • Giants developers
    2015-11-27 16:19
  • Nameless
    2015-11-28 21:26
    this site is a real source of entertainment, especially the comments section. people are so quick to cry about credits, stolen and illegal mods in this community. don't you people have better things to do like play the game or edit and make mods?
  • Actually
    2015-11-29 03:31
    Technically Giants owns all mods no matter who makes them.... If you people would actually READ the users AGREEMENT you would see that it says when you make a mod it is yours until you release it or give it to even ONE single person it becomes giants property. So stop crying about Copy Write little kids.
  • Heitorfs15
    2015-12-01 05:13
    Thanks kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkGiants will do nothing ,kisses
  • Bosquillon
    2016-01-12 14:02
    c'est honteux pour tout les gens qui on acheter le pac a 9.99E comme moi et gratuit sur ce site es il marcher en multi es testé .
  • Blacky
    2016-03-06 14:51
    doesn't work the mods when you download it it don't show up waste
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