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John deere 2720 Disk Ripper v1.0
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John deere 2720 Disk Ripper v1.0

John deere 2720 Disk ripper. I have hours of work in this.

Corey Carelock

  • Ben32
    2015-05-08 03:58
    Thought the site did not have this so I uploaded it, turns out it did.
  • Afs


    2015-05-08 17:41
    You could've at least given credit to Joe Lindberg for making this mod in the re-illegal-upload....
  • Nameless
    2015-05-08 20:15
    yeah credit Joe Lindberg for a the piece of shit mod he made. not his quality work at all.
  • Afs


    2015-05-08 20:28
    How is it a piece of shit? what's wrong with it? give me one reason why you don't like it. Don't name the wheel glitch when you first purchase it that goes away when you unfold it!!
  • James
    2015-05-08 20:54
    I am on record many times chastising Joe for keeping mods private and plastering sites with pictures. This really makes me mad though. He finally releases something and I dont mind that it is uploaded here but give credit and dont post a description saying you have hours of work into it without posting the creator. I hope he never releases another mod after this bullshit.
  • Nameless
    2015-05-08 23:42
    it's a piece of shit because he said it had new animations? i didn't see anything new. everything was from game. not to mention it's to heavy for most anything to pull it. and then we have james here who's gonna side with this piece of shit joe? he deserves all the shit he gets. as you said yourself, he releases almost nothing and plasters sites with pictures. i read on his very page he gets off knowing people can't have his mods.
  • Ben32
    2015-05-09 00:55
  • D - rob
    2015-05-09 04:33
    Don't take the crap that has been stated personallyits a nice mod and I look forward to more mods from you
  • Wlschweer
    2015-05-09 05:24
    It is a good mod and I never have a problem pulling it with any of my tractors. Only problem would be slight pixles of black, but you have to stare really close. It is a better job then most of the mods realesed that are just reskins.
  • Chevy power
    2015-05-09 17:32
    I love this mod. but like everyone else said. He posts pictures and videos everywhere but never releases anything. This should have never been taken from american eagle
  • Name
    2015-05-09 21:29
    keep uploading his mods!!!!!!!!!!!!! take that joe you piece of shit
  • Name
    2015-05-11 00:50
    so much butthurt kids whining about not having something someone else has, sure i'd love to play around with joe's mods since i love playing with the bigequipment but if he decides not to release stuff because ppl like ben32 upload his work and claim it theirs, i can fully understand his decission to hardly upload any mods. just scks that people that apreciate the work get hurt this way also because someone makes false claims
  • Forestryguy
    2015-05-11 04:57
    Who is Joe? And why is there so much hatred? If you want to get exclusive mods then go to a book store and buy a book on modding, then you can flash your homemade mods. Good grief people its a game, as FS players let's co-exist peacefully here and maybe some more mods would be released from people who have never before, things we wouldnt ever imagine exist. Trust me, there are mods out there that have never been seen that are stunning, so let's be a little more receptive shall we?
  • Mjd farms
    2015-05-13 17:19
    If you think it's junk then lets see you make one NAMELESS and HAMISH KAY and everyone else this is a great addition to the farming sim community and I have seen some mods that are junk and this is far from junk. Keep up the good work Joe this is a great mod and this people have no respect for Modders and how much time they take out of their PERSONAL life to create great mods.
  • Mjd farms
    2015-05-13 17:30
    If you don't like the mod then don't play the game and the reason that no one released mods is because of two things either because of idiots like you who bad mouth their mods and then they get mad and don't want to share or because someone takes it and uploads it to other sites like this one. And BEN32 Joe said to not upload to any other site accept American Eagle Modding this was for AEM only. And the reason you cant pull it is because you need a big strong tractor like a 620 quad.
  • Albertl
    2015-05-14 14:58
    No, you can't pull it because it weighs 25 tons.Lower the mass. otherwise not a bad mod. Just lower the mass on ge to 0.9-1.3 and reballance in the xml.It not that hard.
  • Ben32
    2015-05-21 23:59
    You guys cant give me shit for this, I found it on a different website and I thought I would bring it to this site. "I" personally did nothing to the mod just copied pics, description and everything that was on the different site. Everyone Need to calm the F down.
  • Russell bannister
    2015-06-29 05:25
    I don't know why everyone's making a big deal here. I can pull this with my JD 9560RT, without any problems. I'm so impressed with this mod, that I haven't bothered downloading versions 2.0 or 3.0. Keep up the good work, whomever did this mod
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