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John Deere 6210 v1.0
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John Deere 6210 v1.0

This is a modified Johndeere 6210R From FBM

Original: link

Modell: 6210
Idee / Konzept:

  • Deepblue
    2016-09-24 21:30
    Please note:Ein verbreiten und/oder erneutes hochladen in anderen Foren ist NICHT erwünscht.Do NOT upload this Mod on other Boards!!Dystrybucję i / lub ponownego wysyłania na innych forach nie jest pożądane.Stolen Mod...deepblueAdminForbidden Mods (FBM]
  • Stfu deepblue
    2016-09-24 21:45
    Shut the fuck up, deepblue, you guys are using someone elses model, then you're telling people to not upload their own edits of it. Seriously, FUCK OFF.
  • Deepblue
    2016-09-25 21:18
    Not correct....Although me your expression is a picture where you come from and how your parents' house looks like that's our Mod. You can take the chance it like ...Picture is made - tomorrow it goes to the lawyer.
  • Deepblue
    2016-09-26 04:01
    Hi, I'm deepblueAdminForbidden Mods (FBM]. I'm kind of retarded. A stunned cunt, if you will. I like to pretend I'm a modder, I even have a modding group. It doesn't get me laid, and I still live in mom's basement, but I can pretend on the internet like I'm important. I know being a modder for farm sim is about as useless as a white crayon, but it's all I have left in life.
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