Farming simulator 2017 mods
John Deere 8600i
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John Deere 8600i

- Work Area
- Animated Vehicle
- TurnOn Vehicle
- Foldable
- Motorized
- Steerable
- Drivable
- Fillable
- Overloading
- Combine
- Hirable
- Ai Combine
- Honk
- Bunker Silo Compacter
- Mouse Controls Vehicle
- Indoor Hud
- Washable
- Speed Joystick
- Work Camera
- Cabsuspension
- Adjustable Tire Pressure


  • Pete hansen
    2016-08-24 18:11
    So where are the headers ?
  • Pete hansen
    2016-08-24 18:28
    its a pack..... so pack the unpack to play with the pack unpacked
  • Washmycocksillygirl
    2016-08-24 19:11
    lol it gets dirty fast, wash it and drive 60meters and you shall wash it again..
  • Name
    2016-08-24 19:39
    Model: Most sinisterTexture:Most sinister Script: Bunch of nice folksIdea / Concept:Most sinister Testing: Most sinisterOther: Other things too-Most sinister . I believe you missed these too for credits
  • @name
    2016-08-24 20:04
    Model: Giants Texture: Nobody gives a shit Script: Majority is Giants Idea/Concept: Giants model, nobody gives a shit that someone thought to use this model as a JD Testing: Nobody gives a shit who tested this mod, the original works fine Other things too: Nobody gives a flying fuck. Eats Cock: Most Sinister. There, credits are fixed.
  • Name
    2016-08-25 13:30
    Wheres the headers
  • Aaron
    2016-08-25 13:38
    Jbk uploads others mods because he has no imaginative ideas of his own then claims there his when there not, real fs players knows this and dont like people like yourself
  • Aaron eats dick
    2016-08-25 16:23
    Shut the fuck up aaron, you whiney little bitch.
  • Jbk


    2016-08-26 14:38
    I hate all Americans and all Europeans infact i dont give a damn about anyone to be honest
  • Darnijll
    2016-08-31 12:31
    Hahahahah... Dunno if you really are JBK or not, the only thing I know is that you maybe don't have any modding capability and then need to steal others work.That's why many many great modders stopped releasing great mods, too many leechers/thieves.Start learning and stop leeching.
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