Farming simulator 2019 mods
John Deere NH CR1090 John Deere Superflex Draper v2.0
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John Deere NH CR1090 John Deere Superflex Draper v2.0

I have a made a John Deere newHollandCR1090 800 hp Capacity 20,000 liter's Harvester barley,maize,rape,wheat.Also A  John Deere Superflex Draper 45ft Header Harvest barley,maize,rape,wheat. The cost is $500.00 to buy and $5.00 a day. It does need a shower sometimes.
Took a while to paint but I got it ready. It tested well I had No problems with making it. If you don't like the mod after trying it then delete it.
I enjoy playing the game and Repainting the mods. HAVE Fun Enjoy!
Happy Farming!
Unpack open the mods zip folder then copy all into your mods folder.
C:\Users\.\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods.Have fun!!!




  • Deerepower
    2015-06-01 10:30
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  • Warondar
    2015-06-01 18:00
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    Don't like it? Don't get it! Pretty simple.Stop being idiots with your personal verbal attacks.Here's an idea. Why don't you go make any type of mod and upload it. We'll see how many 'you are f'ed in the dam head' type comments you get. And guess what, I'll also say the same thing to them.
  • Somepeople
    2015-06-01 21:35
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    some people don't realize it's a game here and you can make mods the way you want them. why? the creator doesn't have to have a why. the creator clearly likes it and is proud of it and wants to show it off. you don't like it, don't download it, pretty simple like warondar said.
  • Bestfarmer
    2015-06-27 17:50
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    can you increase the tank capacity, please?
  • Eagle355th
    2015-07-27 10:11
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    Attention BESTFARMER: Yes I can Increase the tank capacity. Is there something else I can do to improve it? If so let me know.
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