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Kemper cutter study 2020 v1.0
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Kemper cutter study 2020 v1.0

Hey there
Here is my new mod for quick harvesting of corn silage
Working width of 20 meters
Designed for large fields! And also for large and flat cards
This header can be transported so far only on the processor
In the future, I will do it for trailer

This header is painted in the style of area 51 was fun to work in the fields
There is a new animation harvesting corn

Watch the video and enjoy the game


  • Chuck
    2015-01-30 01:17
    I like this cutter. I do understand you might make it with or for a trailer, is there anyway you can increase the speed? The 3 mph is killing me, maybe increase it to 9 mph maybe. Thanks.
  • Kevin
    2015-01-30 01:41
    yea i like the cutter but the speed is way to slow please speed it up to 8 or 9 mph
  • Sylvain
    2015-01-30 03:28
    serait t il possible de faire une barre de coupe plus grande sur moissoneuse svp merci
  • Lucas
    2015-01-30 20:41
    You can make a wagon(trolley) to bring the cup(cutting) to the field or what the cup(cutting) complies
  • Le gall
    2015-01-31 01:40
    il n'apparait pas dans mes mods j'ai essayƩ plusieurs fois
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