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Kenworth 900B Multilif V1 Beta
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Kenworth 900B Multilif V1 Beta

I ofresco the truck brand in vercion beta Kenworth900B_Multilif to utilzar with itRunnerPack.dlc mods and other fully lavalble and multicolored mas.es mods, the top speed of 100 kmh. The fuel gauge, temperature gauge, speedometer, air pressure, brake pressure, transmición bar. tabien have the option to put on and take to place a fifth wheel trailer. also it has oversize flag and signs warning Toggle third high shaft.

to make this work well has to tiener the itRunnerPack.dlc installed.

I hope you like it


  • Allen55
    2016-03-30 02:14 Send message
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    can not buy this truck
  • Gr4p3k1lla
    2016-03-30 04:48 Send message
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    It shows up in the store but it says i cannot buy. why?
  • Anpaes
    2016-03-30 05:07 Send message
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    if you do not like do not download and have courage to put your real alia
  • Anpaes
    2016-03-30 05:11 Send message
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    load mode only if you have installed the dlc itRunner Pack.
  • Heitorfs15
    2016-03-30 06:54 Send message
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    Uploaded.net e uma bosta
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