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Kenworth K100 CabOver v2.1
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Kenworth K100 CabOver v2.1

I bring the truck KenworthK100CabOver version 2.1 with some changes such as; the doors open, the door windows are lowered, the incline engine brake, cabin changes the style wheels with three types, donning and doffing guardafango, add and remove large signal, extraWeights, cativar wipers, control rods moves dynamically according to the speed, temperature tachometers. air brakes, oil, fuel, are dynamically. It has a lift axle, extraWeights, 440 engine.


  • Badass farmer
    2016-10-10 22:09 Send message
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    Once again you still can't get things right, when you switch the wheels they have a white texture to them, when you turn on the engine brakes the driver door opens. I haven't played with it enough to see what else is wrong, but I am sure there is a lot more problems that could be found. NEXT TIME TEST IT and GET IT RIGHT.
  • Anpaes
    2016-10-11 19:36 Send message
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    DearĀ  I think you have a vercion the juejo that is not compatible with some mods as this truck to activate the engine brake is activated in this way <input name = "JAKEBRAKE" key1 = "KEY_KP_6" butt device = " 0 "mouse =" "/> and not the =" KEY_KP_7 "and something is blocking the wheels you the vehicleWheels.xml and for that reason her dad much trouble, revice the log to see the problems.
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