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Lemken Gigant 800 carrier v1.0
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Lemken Gigant 800 carrier v1.0

Think this is the last mod for FS15. :-( Time to start work for FS 17 :-)

The Gigant 800 can coombinate 2 of my Lemken Kompaktor S400 to 8m working width

special Features:
simple using at work through synchron up-down of the 2 attached tools
synchron adjustment of the 2 attacher points (heigh and gradient) for efficient using of other tools
helper can handle the Gigant

Important note:
The mod may not be modified and new uploaded!

Avaiable models
Gigant 800
Work width:    8m - by two 4m working segments on rigid frame.
attachement: lower Trailer
attachment for tools: 2x 3 point
Power        :   50 PS + tools (Kompaktor S400 je 140PS = 330PS)

V1.0 - Gigant 800
I attempt to release a detailed operating manual as fast as I can. I think the Mod had some special things that not simple clear.
Please don't forget to release/lock [v] the attached tools itself before and after work. They can't work correctly or will wobble at transport.

known bugs/limitations:
actual no Ambient Occlusion Textur
Hydraulipipes not animated, simple static switch between Transport-Work, attach-detach
Attachement arm is not full animated (yes for adjustment and upper-lower, not for tolerance region of the tools)
My helper had no problems on STANDARD map and tractors. But with MODDED tractors or maps I found something wrong. Please test your indivual situation. So the problem must not be on the Gigant.

Modell: ImpTS
Textur: ImpTS
Script: ImpTS
Tester: ImpTS

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