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Liebherr C900 big v1.0
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Liebherr C900 big v1.0

This mod normally has a small cabin I made him a little bigger so that it looks more realistic.
If you have an idea to improve it let me know.

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  • Hans jakob
    2015-05-09 20:51
    you can make log grab to the LIEBHERR C900 ;)
  • Name
    2015-05-10 04:02
    cab to big for scale
  • Thor
    2015-05-10 06:38
    downloaded this mod and it works perfectly for buckraking and ontop of the muck heap, Although ive had to put it in ge and scale the whole thing, cab, tracks and undercarriage to scale as it was far to big and the operator was all squiggly lines.wouldn't mind a v2 properly scaled down with a washable texture on it
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