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Liebherr LTF1060 + LTR1060 v1.0
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Liebherr LTF1060 + LTR1060 v1.0

Liebherr truck crane LTF1060 (v1.1)
*modified boom cylinder -> chnaged max. boom angle from 50 to 65 degrees
*changes truck cab from MAN to Scania P420 + added details
*added mouse control menu
*added details (steel wires, exhaust, crane operator)
*added worklights
*modified skin to (neutral) standard Liebherr

Liebherr crawler crane LTR1060 (v1.0)
*Chassis from HS875 with crane from LTF1060


  • @pummelboer
    2016-01-30 10:21 Send message
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    with only two Error in it thats pretty good bud nice mod good work
  • Pummelboer
    2016-01-30 14:40 Send message
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    Sorry but I just checked on my system. I got no errors at all.Are you sure the errors which you see are from my mod? (Could be from other mods)
  • Andrew
    2016-01-30 21:25 Send message
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    can any one help me it won't down load on my apple mac pro laptop ? can any one help me please
  • Jd


    2016-01-31 00:47 Send message
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    Andrew go to modhoster, the file here on modhub is incomplete but the one on modhoster has all files and they work
  • Blacky
    2016-07-26 04:34 Send message
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    they both worked for me
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