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These beta versions
There are some small flaws, if my mods is functional and brings a bit of news about your game.

Ces une version beta
Il reste quelques petits défauts, mes se mods est fonctionnel et apporte un peut de  nouveautés sur votre jeu.


  • @zorlac
    2016-01-31 12:00
    nice mod
  • @zorlac
    2016-01-31 12:08
    @ZORLAC whats the password bud
  • нариман
    2016-01-31 12:22
    нужан пороль дайте
  • @zorlac
    2016-01-31 13:47
    ZORLAC u can not charge people for a mod its against the law i will report
  • Bill bob
    2016-01-31 15:10
    What a Loser!
  • Badass farmer
    2016-01-31 15:18
    I have reported Zorlac (aka LOSER) to administration, they will check things out and remove his mods from the site and will NOT allow Zorlac any further mods that require passwords. Zorlac you are only screwing yourself with your stupid tactics by getting people to require a password. LOSER, LOSER, LOSER
  • Zorlac
    2016-01-31 15:19
    ALL THE MODS I propose on this site are and will toujour FREE.I just ask you a connection on my forum against party.Now if you do not want them nothing obliges you.I AM NOT A LIAR, PASS THE WORD It Works VERY WELL.BTW with over 900 downloads, I find there to few complaints !!!
  • Zorlac
    2016-01-31 15:22
    TOUS LES MODS que je propose sur se site sont et seront toujour GRATUIT.Je vous demande juste une connection sur mon forum en contre partie.Maintenant si vous ne les voulais pas rien ne vous oblige.JE NE SUIS PAS UN MENTEUR, LES MOTS DE PASS FONCTIONNES TRES BIEN.D'ailleur avec plus de 900 téléchargements, je trouve qu'il y à peu de réclamations !!!
  • Hool91vinc
    2016-01-31 15:37
    salut zorlac ton mod es genial ... juste donne un lien pour ton forum qui marche stp achaque fois que je vais sur ton forum je peut pas m'inscrire ... aide moi stp merci d'avance
  • @zorlac
    2016-01-31 15:43
    Nobody wants to join a forum site, just to use a mod, people just want to download the mod and enjoy it the game. Your site is in French, so people who don't read, write or speak French its useless to them.
  • Zorlac
    2016-01-31 15:53
  • Mote454
    2016-01-31 16:37
    Its a little pain guys, but use google translate in a separate window or tab. Go to the site and join, look for the forum with the most post "PRESENTATIONS DES MEMBRES" answer a few questions like everyone else, wait for a reply from an Admin, then password forum is at the very bottom of main forum.
  • Richard hardy
    2016-01-31 16:54
    I dont know what wrong but...i followed the directions.. joined http://ls15-tfs13group.forumprod.com/ .click link password link http://ls15-tfs13group.forumprod.com/les-mots-de-pass-de-nos-archives-passes-words-from-our-archives-f437.html?sid=b1777c4c0d73dd31a290ff11959ef413 all i get is You are not authorised to read this forum. please someone help
  • Brian304
    2016-01-31 17:40
    i followed all the steps but didn't get the passwoord so just set it here please jerk
  • Riton
    2016-01-31 17:53
    zorlac c est pas cool tu oblige les gens a aller sur ton forum au lieu de donner ton code ici tout le monde serai content et irai surement par la suite voir ton forum mais tu l es oblige c est pas bien
  • Jack
    2016-01-31 17:54
    The problem is not everyone can read or translate French. I have done everything on his forum site, but still can not obtain the password. So if someone can get password, PLEASE post it here, so everyone can enjoy this mod. Thanks
  • Satansnightmare
    2016-01-31 18:11
    follwed the forum stil no password so Zorlac is A BIG LIAR who's charging people for FREE modswhy doesn't the site administrator something to prevent this kind of forgery because of this kind of mods the people don't trust the makers anymoreto bad Zorlac is a big LOSER
  • Satansnightmare
    2016-01-31 18:15
    i think they should give Zorlac a permaban on ALL modsites
  • Zorlac
    2016-01-31 18:17
    translate the page to understand the operation.The pass word is in French, it must remain for fonctionner.CONTENTEZ YOU TO MAKE A COPY / PASTE AND ITS WORK.
  • Satansnightmare
    2016-01-31 18:24
    stil not workinggive the password or get lost with your money making plansnobody is gonna trust you anymore if you keep up with this shit
  • Vitstalker
    2016-01-31 18:45
    дайте паролья весь ваш форум пересмотрел так и не нашел парол и зарегистрировался на сайте LS15-TFS13GROUP
  • Cipy33
    2016-01-31 19:08
    merciiiiii,cool,gj, zorlac
  • Zorlac
    2016-01-31 19:21
    " Riton "JE SERAI HEUREUX DE POUVOIR VOUS DONNER LES MOTS DE PASS DIRECTEMENT SI :( regardez combien de personnes dises merci )...les gents oublies avant tous de remercié, je suppose qu'il n’iront pas sur mon forum, pourquoi irait il, un je vous le demande...Pour dire merci ?
  • Zorlac
    2016-01-31 19:30
    why should i thank you for nothingi have a download that is not working a registration on you foruma lot of shit in my mailbox (from your forum) no password no crane so get lost with your stupid asking for a thank you
  • Jason
    2016-01-31 19:56
    I join his page but cant understand a word I tried to translate but cant
  • Zorlac
    2016-01-31 20:07
    We plan to share the two versions.Given the proliferation of critical of thanks, the two versions will only be available on ours forum.................................Nous avions prévu de partager les versions 2.Vu la proliférations des critiques par rapport aux remerciements, les versions 2 seront uniquement disponibles sur notre forum.
  • Me


    2016-01-31 21:13
    if it works then give us the password
  • Whatshappening!?
    2016-01-31 22:07
    Zorlac, Like most people before, i also tried logging in to your forum, which was a pain in the ass, and got nothing out of it!? If you post a mod, just give it to the people!! You can advertise for your forum but not like this.... Go with the flow, deliver your awesome mods to us, and your community will grow automaticly!! But this, this is gonna bite you in the butt.., it will destroy your rep and people will avoid you (and your mods)... Can we please have the password?? Greetz
  • Player22
    2016-02-01 00:22
    weißt einer den password ?
  • Zorlac
    2016-02-01 08:22
  • Stupid people
    2016-02-01 14:42
    Why you all peaple are so stupid, Just ignore all his mods, and thats it,
  • @modhub
    2016-02-01 15:38
    why do you allow Zorlac to use your nice site as an portal for his forum.His mods are all stolen from other modders and you will have to pay or give him your private info to use themand all for a NON working mod
  • Hi


    2016-02-01 16:47
    password is 1234
  • Hmmmmmm, bs
    2016-02-01 17:58
    That password (1234) doesn't work. It unzips the first file, but doesn't unzip the one in archive use to use for the mod file in the game or am i doing something wrong.
  • Pls


    2016-02-01 22:02
    pls can some one give us the password
  • Anonymous
    2016-02-02 04:36
    are there any rules on this site against me posting the actual password besides to smite zorlac and his confusing french site
  • @anonymous
    2016-02-02 10:45
    no there is not u can post what u want as long its not a spam post etc
  • Cristiano
    2016-02-02 11:14
    password merci
  • David
    2016-02-02 20:16
    ty je odkaz ale chtělo by to upravit chyby : http://gamesmods.net/farming-simulator-2015/fs15-trucks/58509-cat-crane-v2.html
  • Mooiwark1992
    2016-02-06 19:26
    Zorlac, this in battle with a law, that counts for the WHOLE world: this should be free. My people and I will not accept this. We are taking steps to the judge!
  • Jonas
    2016-02-07 21:00
    Whats the passwort???
  • Mike
    2016-02-10 00:12
    Going to try the link that David posted for the Cat version of the crane. Could care less about the different colors looser zorlac has made. this password shit is absurde and has NO place on a free mod like this. If you want people to visit your forum maybe you should make it worth visiting instead of the shit show it is now.
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