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M35A2-F Deuce Fuel Truck v1
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M35A2-F Deuce Fuel Truck v1

The M35 2½-ton cargo truck is a long-lived 2½ ton, triple-axle, 6×6 cargo truck initially used by the United States Army and subsequently utilized by many nations around the world. Over time it evolved into a family of specialized vehicles. It would not only inherit the World War II GMC CCKW’s famous “Deuce and a Half” nickname but forge its own legacy.

The M35 started as a 1949 REO Motor Car Company design for a 2½ ton three-axle all wheel drive off-road truck. This original 6-wheel M34 version was quickly superseded by the 10-wheel M35 design. While the basic M35 cargo truck is rated to carry 5,000 pounds (2,300 kg) off-road or 10,000 pounds (4,500 kg) on roads, they have been known to haul twice as much as rated. Trucks in this weight class are considered medium duty by the military and Department of Transportation.

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  • John
    2015-12-20 13:00
    No thanks I dont like being forced to join a web page
  • Technicmod
    2015-12-20 13:37
    Understandable. It's a measure that was put in place to stop web scrapers from spreading the mods across the internet.
  • Zzzzz
    2015-12-20 20:56
    yeah me either, I don't like being forced joining a site to get mods either, I would lust edit this truck for my own personal likings/useage in FS15 & never release it public, put a modhub.us link here & see how it goes.
  • Technicmod
    2015-12-20 21:46
    It's no different than American Eagles Modding and a couple of other sites.
  • Zzzzz
    2015-12-21 00:31
    true very true, but my pcs antivirus/spyware says technimods is a suspicious web site & modhub.us is trustworthy, so if its posted here will be the only way I get this truck & I really need/ wan it.
  • Technicmod
    2015-12-21 01:09
    That is odd. What program are you using?
  • Zzzzz
    2015-12-21 02:32
    I've got Web Root Total Protection & when googling Technimods webroot shows its not trustworthy, so having the truck here on this page with a modhub link would be the truck as a zip mod will be the only way I can get it, as for my own personal editing to it all I want to do is remove the fuel tank & trigger for it & convert the truck into a grain hauler & a flatbed hay hauler. but with no modhub link I can't get it.
  • Jamie dill
    2015-12-21 18:30
    the sites is fine it's like all other sites for fs2015 I got the mod and it works and sounds great the engine sounds like a real Detroit Diesel 318 but I can't seem to get it to trigger to fill
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