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MAN ITRunner Pack
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MAN ITRunner Pack

This mod include two trucks to use with the ItRunner DLC.

- The original mod did not work in MP, this one does.
- I fixed many bugs such as bad UWV mappings, missing materials and that attachments would show up in front of the truck.
- I nerfed the power of the truck so that it
- I replaced the modified tires with the one that is on the vanilla man truck.

Truck 2. MAN TGS ITRUNNER HEAVY DUTY (the black one in the pictures)
- The original is an excellent mod, however it only worked with the HKL attachment, not the itrunner, I therefore converted it and removed the other HKL attachments since it was no longer needed.

- They are washable.
- You can pick a color.
- They work with ItRunner dlc.
- They work in multiplayer.
- The horsepower in store page is based on the ingame console command.

Truck 1:
- Kyosho’s Modfactory
- Bullgore and Dave - http://lsmod2015.com/man-tgs-agricultural-hkl-v-2-0/
- Erik1988 - ported to work with ITRunner and fixed bugs.

- Kyosho’s Modfactory (http://www.modhoster.com/mods/man-tgs-hkl-set)
- Erik1988 - ported to work with ITRunner.

  • Marius69
    2015-11-27 02:53 Send message
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    Hello possible to have the trailer liendes that we can put behind thank you
  • Marius69
    2015-12-03 00:12 Send message
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    Hello possible to have the trailer liendes that we can put behind thank you
  • Redneck farmer
    2015-12-05 15:08 Send message
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    I filled box up with woodchips ( it's the only thing I needed to use if for ), but it refused to unload, not sure why, but I was disappointed with this MOD.
  • Mmcrea21
    2016-01-04 21:32 Send message
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    I've had issues unloading woodchips and grain, so far thats all i've tried. Even if i attach a trailer of any form (mod/FS15) and try to unload from this set the computer has a temper fit. I'm not good at modding so I'll just tip others ;)
  • Alp


    2016-01-14 01:47 Send message
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    trailer ?
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