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Manor Farm v1.0
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Manor Farm v1.0

Manor Farm is a small British map.

Info -
4 Arable fields and 6 grass fields.
Cows, Sheep and Chickens.
1 Main yard and a smaller yard for storing root crops and wood chips.
Village with houses, pub, dealership and sell points.
Village pond and a drain running through the map.
Auto opening gates. You must be close to the gate, The triggers are small so the gates do not swing open when just driving past.

Triggers -
Grain Store point - Located in the Centre of the farm yard. To load the grain back into a trailer, Reverse into the shed as you would when storing the grain, look up just inside the shed and you will see a pipe, You can load grain from that pipe as you would in the default maps.  
Sugar beet and potato Store point - Behind the village and dealership, There's 3 brick buildings. Store beet and potatoes in the 2 next to each other and then use the conveyors to load the beet and potatoes back into your trailer.
Wood chips Store point - Wood chips can be stored at the same location as the beet and potatoes, In the small yard behind the village and dealership. Wood chips are stored in the single brick building and can be loaded back into a trailer using the in game bucket.
Silage - The silage pit is located at the back of the yard, Next to the sheep field.
Manure - Next to the cattle shed.
Slurry - Next to the cattle shed.
Seed refill - Inside the workshop.
Fertilizer refill - Inside the workshop next to the seed refill point, Or at the yara tanks across from the cattle shed.
Fuel refill - The fuel tank is next to the yara tanks, Across from the cattle shed.
Chopped straw - Inside the cattle shed.
Cattle feeding trough - Inside the cattle shed.
Sheep feeding trough - Outside the sheep shed, Next to the silage pit.
Wool pallet - Next to the sheep feeding trough, Outside the sheep shed.
Eggs - The chickens are located behind the village at the bottom of the large grass field, You will find the eggs around the straw bales.
Grain and wood chips sell point - Outside the dealership building with the large sell point sign.
? Bale sell point - Inside the dealership building.
Wood/Logs sell point - Next to the grain and wood chips sell point outside the dealership building.
Vehicle/Equipment sell point - Inside the dealership building.
Eggs sell point - Down the side of the village pub.
ATM - Inside the dealership.
Shop triggers - Inside the dealership.
Equipment re-set point - Farm yard.

Please Note -
I create maps to suit my own personal preference.
You must NOT edit this map and upload it to any Farming Simulator website or file hosting site. Edits must be for personal use only and a credit to the original creator, Myself (Chris_7710) must be given at all times when posting videos and screenshots of edited versions. Do not change the map name.
You're welcome to use any models/objects from this map, If you're un-sure on who to credit then please inbox me.
Please don't just export a full transform group from this map for your own map, For example the village pub layout, road network, grain store or even the full yard layout ect.. Be creative, Be different, Design your own.
Thank you for downloading Manor Farm.
Map created by Chris_7710

NI Modding
Vertex Design
If there are objects on the map that are not credited please drop me a message.

  • Steve
    2015-01-08 11:15
    hi, ive just downloaded ur map I cant wait to play it but cant seem to up load it to my game please help
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