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Massey Ferguson 9895 v1.0
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Massey Ferguson 9895 v1.0

Thanks for Ziuta and Nowik

Package contains:
- Combine Massey Ferguson 9895 v1.0 r Price: 400000
- Capacity: 12334
- Maize price: 69999
- Harvester price qq: 45999
- Header Trailer 8,5m Price: 5500

- The lighting in the cabin,
- Speedometer, tachometer, indicator of tank capacity,
- Script dirty,
- Basic scripts,
- Script passenger
- Indicator mowing
- New elements in the model,
- Opening the door flap from the engine,
- New textures,
- New reflections,
- New interior in the combine,
- New lighting,
- A new driving physics,
- New revised discharge pipe.

Thanks for Ziuta and Nowik
Wheel Textures: MODSWANTED.com - mailman

  • Weazle
    2015-06-16 11:03
    thank you at last a great massey ferguson combine
  • Farmboy002
    2015-06-16 14:13
    Over all it is a really good mod...But the turn-around needs ajusted so the hirerd help don't leave strips of the crop behind.
  • Ben32
    2015-06-16 15:22
    Awesome Job!!!! Love it.
  • John
    2015-06-16 17:51
    this is a great mod just ran test all works fine thank you very much good work guys
  • Wayne
    2015-06-17 15:31
    hey man thank you very much for the mod
  • Alabama guy
    2015-06-18 06:36
    hey great mod I like it. could you make the tank hold more for bigger fields? also if you know any other modders I cant on this computer but ask and see if they could build a pole plant for logs that they use for power poles. they do this in Alabama. just an idea thanks for your time..
  • Blg


    2015-06-18 09:00
    alabama gars pour la capacité tu vas dans dossier xml de la machine et tu modifie comme tu veuxps: tu depose xml sur le bureau et ouvrir avec bloc note ( chercher capacity et celle de dechargement juste en dessous )le remettre apres modification dans le dossier a la meme place
  • Aabama guy
    2015-06-19 06:00
    thanks BLG I will give shot a shot thanks..
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