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Mining Construction Economy v1.0
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Mining Construction Economy v1.0

This is the modpack is for use in map Mining & Construction Economy made by Nonnus
Remember all mods in this pack have a author.
Please if you change the mods give the credits.
Before you pass many people many hours to make this mods.
If you like the mod the best way to show is give the credit to the authors. You find the authors nickname in modDesc.xml.
I only convert the mods for FS15 or change common parts, the mods are not mine, but like the authors, I pass many hours to give you this mods, so please remember my nickname (Nonnus) When You post the mods in your site.

CAT345b: Original LS11 Fredzaza / LS13 conversion by Getsome2030 / Mouse Control by ieg53i / Edit Goelm and Nonnus
Koegel Silotanker: corad60 and Nonnus
Liebherr AM 110: DDS-Modding and Nonnus
MAN TGS 41.480 concrete: kyfwe59/turbobandit some parts Northern_Strike, Silak_68, werikand and Nonnus
Ponsse Buffalo cisterna: Snowcraft97 and Nonnus
Ponsse Buffalo Dumper: Snowcraft97 some parts Puma and Nonnus
Schmitz 4 eixos: Hoschi97editLFBauer and Nonnus
Volvo EC 700 BLC: kaelbleking and Nonnus
Cat966G: Fredzaza Jabba42 Aramis and Nonnus
SchmitzSKI24byIlluminatedV1_2: Illuminated

  • Codester
    2015-07-02 21:07
    0 0
    this map doesn't work like it should each time I load the map I push start go into game and expect to buy stuff when I push p no store pops up....and when I try to push escape to exit game that doesn't even come up....so theirs a lot of glitches still and theirs another one where u cant even push tab to go to the next vehicle this map looked fun that's why I downloaded it but ....to many glitches
  • Nonnus
    2015-07-03 00:24
    0 0
    The map works very fine, do you extract the modpack into your modfolder?
  • Phil
    2015-07-03 21:54
    0 0
    the map works very good for me and the mods work good to like it very much indeed many thanks for making the mod
  • Andrew
    2015-07-03 23:35
    0 0
    pass word ?
  • Trops
    2015-07-04 00:25
    0 0
    works so far for me as well, only thing that ive been able to notice is the concrete slab trailer dont act right with a semi truck, would be nice if the buckets on the exavators would hold more than 5000.
  • Grey
    2015-07-04 08:19
    0 0
    I increased my buckets to 10,000 with no major trouble.Only complaint is the excavators could use a performance boost. Driving speed and turn rate, and cab rotation. I'm no good at those variables.
  • Matei
    2015-07-04 08:51
    0 0
    Well Grey in real life excavators are exactly what you said. So i suggest getting a low loader mod or just use the ingame one
  • Nonnus
    2015-07-04 11:09
    0 0
    Like Matei say, in real life the excavators are slow and I do like in real life.Is a excavator not a F1.
  • Grey
    2015-07-05 03:13
    0 0
    I live in a mining region, I've seen real life excavators, and I''ve seen these models move and rotate faster than this. Get out more...
  • Grey
    2015-07-05 03:31
    0 0
    Sorry, that was ruder than I should have been.Not talking about 50kph or anything, but 8 to 10 wouldn't be unusual for machines that size, that's all I am saying.
  • Jamie
    2015-07-06 10:42
    0 0
    can u make the mod folder a zip folder as i donot no how to use rar folders
  • Sem hebben
    2015-07-06 19:50
    0 0
    The vehicles belong are not in the game
  • Joe


    2015-07-07 00:41
    0 0
    how do i put it in my mods its rar folder
  • Gamerboy
    2015-07-07 06:18
    0 0
    copy and past to install mods in to mods folder or get win zip and copy thats it easy as drinking a glass of water good luck
  • Thornten
    2015-07-07 19:00
    0 0
    The Volvo 700 excavator doesn't come up in the shop at all, even when i use my updated volvo skin on. Neither is it working to change other skins
  • Truemutwo
    2015-07-07 21:02
    0 0
    I did everything but it did not work
  • Андрей
    2015-07-08 11:55
    0 0
    Долго искал наконец нашёл ! Спасибо модеру !
  • David
    2015-07-08 18:39
    0 0
    hey nonnus what modfolder?
  • Ditcher
    2015-07-08 19:46
    0 0
    Make sure all drivers are upto date this mod works fine Nice job (Nonnus) Having worked for many years as a heave plant opperator this brings back the grunting ear banging memores..Nice to get a chance to play with the 8900 :-)
  • Charlie10
    2015-07-09 06:16
    0 0
    I cannot buy the places on the map, like the quarry , and ive tried to delete and re-install but I cannot get it work. Can any help ?
    2015-07-09 07:03
    0 0
    I say thank you to the moderator. And you can ask to make a mod?
  • Stevie186
    2015-07-09 16:37
    0 0
    whats the password?
  • Granger
    2015-07-12 21:46
    0 0
    the vehicle mod don't work 4 me
  • Mattymcq04
    2015-07-13 12:09
    0 0
    hey nonnus, how do I extract the .rar folder?
  • Jason
    2015-07-14 03:03
    0 0
    can't download this mod pack.... on a mac and will not work
  • Joe.p.
    2015-07-16 01:58
    0 0
    I cannot seem to get the coal aspect of the map to work. It will not show up on the multi-fruit panel in the lower right hand corner.
  • Fredzaza
    2015-07-16 23:39
    0 0
    " volvo ec 700 " this is the caterpillar 385c from fredzaza , change the credit !
  • Rich
    2015-12-14 02:49
    0 0
    hello,my name is Rich.I am having issue downloading the map and the modpack.I've tryed about everything.maybe I'm doing it wrong?idk any help?
  • Zach99jone
    2015-12-31 07:10
    0 0
    whats the password
  • Name
    2016-08-12 19:53
    0 0
    I got me the mod and the map is not downloaded, the map works well only the mod with dn vehicles is unfortunately
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