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Mixing station v3.0
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Mixing station v3.0

Mixing station v 3.0.0 PlaceableIn movable mixing station can be prepared as a mixer, animal feed. But in large quantities, since you can fill them with a full load of the trailer.


  • Tiger01
    2014-11-19 05:27
    does anyone know how to use this. its easy enough to fill it but how do u move what it makes to where the animals are so that they can use what it makes??
  • Guest
    2014-11-20 13:22
    put a trailer under the spout, it will automatically fill the trailer the dump it in the troth.
  • Lookout
    2014-11-21 01:58
    LOL ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :-D
  • James
    2014-12-05 07:54
    Except I've used different types of trailers and cant get one to work. I've used tippers and harvest trailers and the grass and straw trailers ( i hope you know what i mean) heck even mod trailers and cant get one to work which one did you use.
  • Joe


    2014-12-06 02:11
    Yeah i have the same problem, cant get a trailer to work! I wonder if it has somthing to do with how in FS 15 you have to press "R" to fill? Compared to fs13 you could just drive under spout.
  • Killer
    2014-12-19 06:11
    ive tryed so many times to get this to work and i cant even find it in game it is in the mod folder and still noting dosent even show up
  • Joe


    2014-12-23 02:43
    I would re-download it, it should be under mischstation.zip or somthing, then you can find it under the placeable mods in the store menu.
  • Achim
    2015-01-18 11:44
    use a multi trailer and than it will work
  • Guest
    2015-01-25 22:06
    download multi fruit and lots of trailers will work. the cat trailer works also
  • Guest
    2015-02-09 02:58
    You would have to download a trailer that is for Total Mixed Ration. Trailers in the game won't accept "mixed feed". There are some mods on here, the Man AR trucks and Krampe attachments will hold mixed ration. Another is the Krampe 900 I think, a mod on here 50k capacity will also hold mixed rations. Happy gaming!
  • Andrew
    2015-04-06 07:26
    I have tried multiple times to download and install this mod for my game. It hasn't worked. So I came to wonder...is this a mod for 2015? Or am I being stupid and its a mod for 2013?
  • Deafgamer
    2016-01-20 09:20
    How to how many liters can it make in one sitting?
  • Big farmer
    2016-01-23 07:00
    I have downloaded this and have it installed and working on my game. I'm on westbridge hills. The trailer I have that works, I already had downloaded and installed and using in my game. It is http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/kroeger-convoy-taw30-v1-0/. Very nice trailers and I pull 4 at a time with the tractor that I have.
  • Farmdog
    2016-07-06 01:42
    In FS 2013 any trailer that accepts "mix fruits" should accept mixed feed. The misch station will fill the Garrett mixed fruit trailer (the brown modded one not the red one) and when the station is full it will almost fill the trailer twice. It triggers automatically when this type of trailer is moved under the spout. If it doesn't you have the wrong type of trailer. You can just leave the trailer under the spout by itself and it will eventually fill to 100 %.
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