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Peterbilt 384 dump V1
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Peterbilt 384 dump V1


I bring the Truck Peterbilt dump in version 1, with capacity of 80,000 liters, can carry different products such as: wheat rape maize silage barley chaff potato sugarbeet woodchips grass_windrow barley_windrow manure forage forage_mixing cement concrete gravel sand sunflower Ect.
This truck will be also put amimacion in tachometer speed, Revolutions and conbustible. This truck brings traction in its 10 tire as it is 6x6, that its three axes are active and has dynamic exhaust and dust in the air, leaving the coals on the roads, with plenty of drag as it has a motor 1000 HP and can reach a speed of 85 km / r, you can keep the raised dump and covered with tent.


  • Guest
    2015-04-25 14:29
    can't buy from shop.
  • Sam davis jr
    2015-04-25 14:51
  • Anpaes
    2015-04-25 17:00
    helloto download the mod if they say viru uploaded, you have to follow this way to download.when you give the mods chip you will get a paguina of uploaded and it leaves you two tabs one that says free download and other premium download.
  • Anpaes
    2015-04-25 17:01
    the first is free and we all deal I no longer have to pay for a download, I damo chip to the free tab download and you will leave a timer of 30 seconds and when the timer ends you will get a tab with a himagen and within it you will leave a few numbers or letters that you put in the small cuagro departure and be very careful here it is cheating, fijate well to give this set a download no download assisted box that is who downloads a link false.
  • Bkona5
    2015-04-25 17:53
    Love the Mod. Would it be possible to get this truck without the dump box and with a 5th wheel added to haul low boy and dump trailers?
  • Alex
    2015-04-25 18:33
    cer precupari are jocu
  • Name
    2015-04-25 18:59
    Can't people make realistic mods? A truck like that would never hold 80,000 liters, but more like 20,000 to 30,000 liters.
  • Anpaes
    2015-04-25 21:32
    helloin the other week I promise the truck with fifth wheel
  • Bkona5
    2015-04-26 00:08
    Thanks ANPAES. I'm really excited for the fifth wheel mod.
  • Ben32
    2015-04-26 23:47
    You are making a bad name for yourself doing these mods half-way done. You need to make them right or not make them at all. These mods deserve better quality.
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