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Placeable fireworks v1.0
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Placeable fireworks v1.0

the year draws to a close once again,
and like every year I have again this year my placeable fireworks for you.
Eigetlich it was when I made it only meant as a joke, but every year very many requests.
I am glad irgndwie how such a little fun has burned itself.
But then I want you to not let you down this year.
Here is finally the placeable fireworks.

I actually would like to improve every year my mods here for the latest changelog:
- New color system, the colors are no longer fixed but random.
- In Hud only 1x "fireworks start" will be displayed.

Now I would sometimes use the oppurtunities for something Sinvolles.
And in a PDF file on advice from "Association of Feuerwerhren in NRW"
which I received by e-mail a few days ago haben: http://www.vdf-nrw.de/uploads/tx_bitloftvdfnrwdownload/2014-11-04_Vorsicht_an_Weihnachten_und_Sylvester_01.pdf
Check them out but just once.

In this sense, I wish you a Happy New Year in the 2015th

Yours sincerely

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  • Justin zaso
    2015-04-11 00:03
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    Is this for FS15
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