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Police Car v1.0 by B3nny
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Police Car v1.0 by B3nny

As a thank you for nearly 30,000 subscribers to my youtube channel, there are now for you my lovingly detailed patrol car. Who my Youtube channel does not know, should look at these times. :) There revolves around everything that has to do with LS & firefighters.
PS. Since you also find a KdoW who comes to download soon ... but Shh!
My channel is "B3nny". Easy to find. A look the official Mod video presentation here on Modhoster.de on! :) It's worth it!
After several comments I chose the LS-scene to give a new chance. The beautiful car was in long hours and you will be offered here for free download.
For this mod you need the "Light Addon", which can download on Modhoster her here.

Light Addon: Light addon
We have respected it, the mod has a good quality. On several computers, the mod is running correctly. The Log from Farming Simulator is empty. In addition, the Mod has been tested on different systems. This means that the police Mod runs on weak computers.
The turn signals are controlled by the Light-Addon & can thus be used as a modern LED indicators in this mod. Give it a try. :) Many functions you can control using the buttons on the numpad. So you can include the LED display on / off and change the display.
The LED blue light goes on "Pos 1". The horn is located on the "J" key. To turn the red LEDs to eg to stop a car, you press the button "M". In many other key some functions are still hiding.
I wish you a lot of fun, this yet to be discovered!
Please respect the work and invite not the Mod new or rebuilt high! Because such actions ensure that remain many mods private. By contrast we have built a small "protection". :)
The mod was created in collaboration with Fire3 / Dennis & paulb. Thank you for your cooperation.

Check it out on my social media pages for more about Fire, Police & Emergency Services in Farming Simulator past. It is worth it!

Now I wish you much fun with the "FUSTW" & hope you like it!


Modell: B3nny
Textur: Fire3
Script: Fire3/Paulb/B3nny
Idee / Konzept: B3nny
Sonderfunktionen: Paulb
Tester: B3nny, Paulb, Fire3

  • David muller
    2017-02-13 15:52
    diese mod nicht mehr
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